Nelson Diaz leads WAV Group’s web3 practice. He has been working in the web3 space since 2013 and launching NFTs since 2019. His team was responsible for over $32 million in NFT sales in 2020-2021. One of the most successful NFT projects sold out in just 37 seconds and generate millions in sales.

Serial web3 and NFT Entrepreneur, Nelson helps brands and individuals bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. His experience taking well-established companies into a new realm is a perfect match for real estate companies who want to a first mover with the digital real estate opportunity. Prior to becoming an NFT strategist and web3 pioneer, Nelson was a highly successful talent manager and video/movie producer. His network of brand relationships and entertainment icons is unparalleled.

Nelson is skilled in digital brand strategy, brand activation, event management, and brand architecture. He is often brought in to take multi-national brands to the metaverse and to remediate web3 projects that have gone awry. He is a passionate evangelist for the power of web3 and knows how to dramatically increase customer engagement and generate digital revenues.

The metaverse – much like real estate – is all about community and giving back. Nelson is working alongside Deepak Chopra to launch and run Seva.Love where they are creating a fully transparent fundraising platform on the blockchain. Their first NFT drop with actress Emilia Clark raised money for her organization, SameYou..

Nelson earned an MBA from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.