WAVes of Change

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Why do you want WAVes of Change?

It is not possible to know everything that is going on in the real estate industry. So much happens at conferences not just in meetings, but at the end of the day drinks and over dinner. DO NOT MISS OUT on the happenings of our world. You and your company will be left behind if you do.

How do you not miss out on the latest real estate trends?

To be able to learn what you are missing, sign-up to be part of our WAVes of Change Webinars. They happen 4 times a year after different conferences. We plan them 2 weeks after AEI, NAR Mid Year, RESO and NAR Annual. All you have to do is click below to sign-up for our individual series, or email Marilyn Wilson (marilyn@wavgroup.com) to get a quote for your company.

What is the cost for individuals and companies?

For companies and individuals that would like to purchase a subscription for WAVes of Change, please email Marilyn Wilson (marilyn@wavgroup.com) to get a personalized quote.

“I appreciate the Texas relationship we have with you and just want to compliment you on yesterday’s webinar.  Every topic was timely and relevant and presented well.”

Travis Kessler, RCE, CAE