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Breadth of MLS, Association, Brokerage, and Technology Firm Expertise

WAV Group has a passion for creating positive waves of change for our clients. To help your organization keep pace with the latest technology trends shaping real estate we will focus our energy on finding you the candidate who will help your company provide the most valuable and relevant services. 

Distinguishable from recruiting firms that specialize only in candidate placements, WAV Group has a depth of working knowledge of what it takes to operate a highly successful business in the real estate industry. WAV Group not only works with the largest MLSs and REALTOR® Associations across the country, but our firm also has a strong working knowledge of the most important needs of companies like yours. We advise many of the nation’s largest real estate companies on strategy, technology, communications, and operations.  We know how to work effectively inside in the industry and we will screen candidates for the ability to be able to be an effective leader for your organization. 

3-Phase Recruiting Process

WAV Group leverages our extensive network and years of focused experience in real estate knowledge to select only those that have clearly demonstrated a strong grasp on where technology is going and the ability to move the needle will be considered. We divide the process into three segments to differentiate stages: Phase One –  Finding Qualified Candidates, Phase Two – Developing the Short List, and Phase Three – Securing the Right Candidate. Before kicking off the effort, we hold in-depth discussions with you so that we clearly understand the requirements and priority for the skills required, and so that we can find a candidate who will operate effectively as part of your team. 

From start to finish, WAV Group operates on retainer through this process and is dedicated for the entire duration of time it takes to find you the right candidate. During Phase One as we work with you to understand the job description and make revisions as necessary, WAV Group can also assist you in outlining the recommended compensation package based on industry-wide compensation surveys and past experience with moving and relocation expenses. Whether the job search is confidential or advertised to the industry as an opportunity, we proactively reach out to progressive candidates that we’ve witnessed outline and implement new strategies successfully within their own organizations.  

WAV Group will work with your administrative staff during Phase Two to coordinate phone interviews for you and those that will be involved in the hiring process. After narrowing down the candidates you are interested in talking to further, WAV Group will coordinate live interviews and help you through the final stages of the hiring process. We have watched good candidates slip away because the final negotiations were not handled properly or quickly enough; WAV Group can help increase your likelihood of retaining the organization’s first pick.

Sometimes the key levers for getting a candidate to move have nothing to do with compensation. There are other intangible factors that can make all the difference. WAV Group will help uncover those intangibles to increase your chances of a successful hire.