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The Difference is Action

The WAV Group Agile Strategic Plan is a comprehensive strategic planning process which helps an organization uncover major opportunities to build and execute action plans to achieve major objectives.

In order for a strategic plan to be effective, it needs to compare the organization relative to broader market trends observed from similar organizations within the real estate industry. WAV Group is the most integrated real estate consulting firm with the perspective to help organizations define their position in the marketplace.

Agile Strategic Planning

The Value of Peer-to-Peer Perspective

WAV Group’s managing partner, Marilyn Wilson, and ValleyMLS CEO, Josh McFall, discuss the value of having industry-wide key performance indicators to set the stage for strategic decisions in your organization.  


So many strategic plans only highlight broad directions or repeat predictable priorities. The WAV Group delivered a true blueprint for action with specific – and attainable – tactics and deliverables that encouraged our team to take ownership. 

The process started with Marilyn acting as a world-class facilitator: She challenged us to think past today, consider disruptive scenarios and focus on our core strengths and value proposition as a state association to our members and partners.

The staff and Board of Directors were energized and eager to move forward – I’ve never seen a planning process end with a standing ovation before!  WAV Group and Marilyn really delivered beyond our expectations.

Mark Fisher, CEO - Indiana Association of REALTORS

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Marilyn Wilson
Marilyn WilsonManaging Partner

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