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We Are Likely to See More Banks Fail

The recent Minsky moment has highlighted the fragility of the financial system, and the need for policymakers to take action to address the underlying issues. The Federal Reserve's decision to increase interest rates played a significant role in this crisis.

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Two Midwest MLSs Launch IntraMatrix Data Share

CoreLogic has created a data sharing application that allows Matrix customers to add a tab in Matrix that opens a read-only-view session in another Matrix powered MLS. Northwestern Wisconsin MLS and adjacent NorthstarMLS are among the first MLSs to use the data sharing feature.

Distilling Inside Real Estate Buying Boomtown

This BoomTown acquisition by Inside Real Estate will find two groups of great people coming together and expanding on a shared mission of brokerage profitability in the best possible way.

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WAV Group Homeowners Under Management White Paper

We see the emergence of homeownership portals happening now. We anticipate that homeownership portals will replace or transform property search portals and real estate CRMs. 

The Broker’s View of Homeowners Under Management

Last week, the Broker Resource Network hosted a webinar for their members to discuss an emerging topic in real estate called Homeowners Under Management. It is a different perspective on how firms, teams, and agents approach client relationship management, and it marks a sea change in thinking that WAV Group believes is very important for the future of our industry.

Congratulations to WAV Group’s own Marilyn Wilson Lund on becoming Vice Chair of the National Small Business Association

WAV Group is excited to support our founding partner, Marilyn Wilson Lund in her role as Vice Chair of the National Small Business Association (NSBA). The NSBA is focused on enacting critical access to capital programs, preventing unfair small-business tax penalties, and repealing some of the most potentially damaging laws and regulations that impact small business.

MooveGuru Acquires Relocator

MooveGuru is a serious competitor in the rapidly developing service category of empowering Realtors with tools to help consumers move. The acquisition of Relocator supports MooveGuru’s effort to roll up competitors and deliver the best components of their technology offerings.

Georgia MLS Goes Heavy into Floor Plans

WAV Group met with Richard Boone, CEO and John Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer of Georgia MLS to discuss the strategy of launching floor plan software, and partnering with floor plan technology leader, CubiCasa, as a basic service of the MLS and to learn how agents are adopting the new service.

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