Brokers Over $2B in Volume Should Prepare for Mediation

Get your attorneys on it. Pay close attention to the settlements that have already been announced, and do some 5th grade math.

Invitation to Acquiring More Profit: A 9-Part Webinar Series

Don’t miss this comprehensive look at successful real estate brokerage M&A. WAV Group colleagues George Slusser and Victor Lund will be covering each chapter of their new book Acquiring More Profit: The Definitive Guide to Successful Real Estate Brokerage Mergers & Acquisitions, during the 9-part webinar series.  Acquiring More Profit is a collection of the best practices and invaluable insights George and Victor have garnered over decades of M&A work and thousands of brokerage acquisitions. George Slusser, renowned as the foremost expert in real estate M&A today, has completed more successful transactions in this space than anyone else. As the Head of the M&A division at WAV Group, he continues to assist brokerages in finding profitable growth opportunities.

Real AI: The magic of the prompt, AI dominates Connect NY, facts, headlines and the Quote of the week

By Kevin Hawkins with Korey Hawkins | Vol. 2 Post 4 Real AI is a 100% human-created weekly roundup of all things AI in real estate and emerging AI innovations in other sectors likely to impact real estate, posting a new edition every Friday. The magic of the prompt There’s a secret to maximizing the effectiveness of generative AI that every real estate practitioner who uses AI must know above all else: the key to unlocking the best AI has to offer is in your prompts. This is a universal AI truth. It does not matter if you are using [...]

Real AI: Survey reveals real estate’s heavy use of AI, fast facts, five headlines, and a Quote of the Week

By Kevin Hawkins with Korey Hawkins | Vol. 2 Post 3 Real AI is a 100% human-created weekly roundup of all things AI in real estate and emerging AI innovations in other sectors likely to impact real estate, posting a new edition every Friday. AI survey reveals real estate’s heavy use, wide adoption A brand new study from real estate tech leader Delta Media shows the popularity and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in real estate has become nearly ubiquitous among America's leading real estate brokerages. Today, 75% of America's real estate brokerages already use AI technology, and almost 80% [...]


As we stand on the cusp of a new year, real estate agents across the United States are gearing up for the challenges and opportunities that the new year presents.  This offers brokers a key opportunity for connection, mentorship and guidance in annual business planning exercises.  Whether this is accomplished through group sessions, one-on-one mentorship, or virtual training and resources, assisting your agents with establishing obtainable goals and developing a measurable path for success plays a big part in your annual recruitment and retention efforts.   I work with many brokerages each year in the development of strategic annual planning programs.  Below are my tips, tricks and strategies for brokers looking to stand out from their peers and serve as true servant leaders.

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Anywhere settles Moehrl and Sitzer/Burnett lawsuits

Anywhere Real Estate, owner of Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Sotheby’s and several other iconic real estate brands, has reached a settlement on two pivotal lawsuits for the real estate industry.

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Finding new growth opportunities in M&A – Insights from the Acquiring More Profit Webinar

If you missed last week’s Acquiring More Profit webinar with Victor Lund and George Slusser, then you missed a great event. I would like to share some of the insights and takeaways we explored.

Unlocking Success: Insights from our “Winning Recruitment Strategies for Finding the Right Agents” Webinar

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Barbara O’Rourke of Allen Tate Realtors®  and Brenda Thompson of HomeSmart Stars, who participated in our recent webinar, "Winning RecruitmentStrategies for Finding the Right Agents."  This insightful webinar, moderated by Bondilyn Jolly, WAV Group’s Marketing Division Leader, shed light on invaluable agent recruitment best practices by top agent recruiters. 

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Gary Ashton of Nashville Real Estate REMAX Advantage Lead Gen Efforts

Today, there are only a few dozen real estate brokers who can compete with the national advertising portals. RE/MAX Advantage, led by Gary Ashton, is one of those.

Do Your Part in Eliminating Sexual Harassment from the Workplace

After a career that spans several decades, I am saddened to see that allegations of sexual harassment are still alive and well in our industry. I would have thought that we could have eliminated these challenges by now. After having completed my Sexual Harassment Prevention training myself just a couple of weeks ago, a program which is mandated by the state of California, it piqued my interest to find out how many states require sexual harassment prevention training. I was shocked to find out that only seven states (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York, Washington) and the District of Columbia mandate sexual harassment training for some or all private sector employers and employees today.