Litigation May Unravel the Association and the MLS

Through the natural discourse of meetings to hone the best practices of the trade, the association created rules. To be a member of NAR or any association, members must agree to adhere to the rules. These association rules are creating legal problems.

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Should MLSs Lobby for Oversight from the SEC to Block These Stupid Lawsuits?

Today’s legal claims seek to indicate that the cooperation and compensation marketplace is a corrupt conspiracy of anti-competitive collusion and price fixing that undermines the free market for home buyers.

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The MLS IS the most powerful source of business generation

Generating leads and identifying more serious buyers can be a very expensive proposition. The MLS system itself - featuring a myriad of ways to share and promote properties - is arguably the best business generation source.

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Black Knight Appoints Lucie Fortier As Executive Vice President Of Mls Solutions Group

Congrats to Black Knight for hiring Lucie Fortier as EVP of the MLS Solutions Group. Lucie has had a highly successful career architecting MLS solutions. Welcome back to the MLS team Lucie! 

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Data Sharing Done Differently with Trestle and RESO

If you are considering a data share, we hope you find inspiration from WARDEX. WARDEX has positioned itself for data sharing to resolve the problems of overlapping market disorder.

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board Delivers on Strategy of Choice

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) has been focused on the Future Facing MLS initiative. To that end, they created PropTx Innovations Inc. (PropTx), a wholly owned subsidiary of TRREB.

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Strategic Failure

Preparing for a Strategic Planning session involves a process of gaining a holistic view of the organization. Understanding your customer’s perspective is always the primary driver that informs everything. But understanding of staff culture and capabilities; system strengths and limitations; financial conditions; and industry trends pave a path to developing a plan that works. At the end of the day, the board of directors and the management team agree to a group of initiatives that will make the business stronger, and the strategic plan is born. Some organizations in real estate take the plan and execute it flawlessly where others [...]

Create Raving Fans! 5 Gotta Haves for your 2023 MLS Budget

WAV Group conducts more subscriber satisfaction research for MLSs than anyone else in the country, including our industry first Customer Experience Index.  We have a depth of understanding of the key drivers of satisfaction and perceived relevance for MLS organizations. Here’s the 5 key opportunities for improving your MLS’ satisfaction and relevance as you move into 2023: Go TO Your Members Create a Field Support/Training Team There is NOTHING that drives up customer engagement and satisfaction for MLSs more than a team of customer servants that go out into the field, attending office meetings, broker events and community events.  These [...]