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Never Waste A Good Crisis

Gain valuable insight into how the smartest brokers leverage times of turmoil to gain unfair market share while others are paralyzed with fear and doubt.

Discussion Points:

  • Affordable ways to create a streamlined, effective brokerage
  • Meeting the needs of your agents, clients and prospects
  • Investing in growth programs, processes and training

Your Speaker:

Victor Lund
WAV Group, CEO

Raising the Stature and Profitability of Buyer’s Agency

Transparency is the key to establishing your value with buyers. The more they understand the process and are clear about the costs the more satisfied they are with the transaction. 

Attendees can expect to gain:

  • In-depth understanding of the evolving dynamics of buyer representation in real estate.
  • Practical strategies to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty through buyer-focused services.
  • Insights into leveraging technology and data to streamline processes and deliver exceptional results.
  • Tips for optimizing profitability while maintaining ethical standards and professionalism.

Your Speaker:

Marilyn Wilson
WAV Group,  CEO



At WAV Group, you benefit from owners, CEOs, and proven senior executives who have resumes and results that speak for themselves. We don’t feed you fluffy, generic, unachievable recommendations and content.  We don’t celebrate and promote our own brand onstage. Instead, we bring workable, executable strategies, tactics and education that will help move the needle in meaningful ways. 

Delivering growth and profitability in the face of adversity gives us the collective confidence to coach our audience through tough situations, giving them strategies, action items and guts needed to break norms and gain significant market advantages in the process.  We know what it feels like to manage our own cash flow and deliver meaningful innovation that sticks. We know what to do when the economy turns and you have to get resourceful and creative to thrive. 

When you decide to host an event, whether it’s a meeting, a training session, or a conference, your speakers can help to make it a success.  When you work with WAV Group, you can expect insights, experience AND entertainment that make the most of your event.

WAV Group offers an unmatched depth of experience in technology, strategic planning, research, business development, public relations, marketing, sales, and product development in the real estate industry. 

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From Hire to Retire: Magnetic Recruiting Strategies That Attract Top Talent

Are you struggling to attract and retain top talent in your real estate business? Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and practical strategies that will help your brokerage stand out and revolutionize your recruiting efforts. 

Discussion Points:

  • Crafting an irresistible brand that resonates with your top candidates
  • Digital marketing strategies to engage candidates
  • Creating a positive first impression
  • Building a strong talent pipeline

Your Speaker:

Bondilyn Jolly
WAV Group, President of Marketing

Maximizing ROI: Ensuring Your Marketing & Technology Spend Builds Your Business

It is crucial that your marketing and technology investments yield tangible results.. This session will guide you through the process of conducting comprehensive audits to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing strategies and technology expenditures. 

Discussion Points:

  • Align your marketing efforts with your business objectives.
  • Assess technology investments are supporting business growth.
  • Identify technology engagement and utilization

Your Speaker:

David Gumpper
WAV Group, President of Technology

What Is My Brokerage Worth And Is M&A Right For Me?

Learn why it is important to value your largest asset annually. What is M&A? Are you going to be a buyer or a seller now or in the future? How will you know when it is time to do either? 

Attendees will learn:

  • Purposes for an annual valuation
  • How brokerage firms are valued
  • How to determine if an M&A Strategy is right for you
  • What is the M&A process

Your Speaker:

George Slusser
WAV Group, President of Mergers and Acquisitions


All WAV Group partners have been CEO’s, executive team members or founders of Fortune 100 and/or venture-funded corporations.  We approach each relationship with a clear understanding of the challenges that face our client’s businesses today, and are here to help you take your association or business to the next level through insightful, meaningful conversations.

Professional Highlights

  • Former Chief WOW Officer, Fisher-Price
  • 40-yrs experience in Marketing leadership
  • President, RETechnology
  • CEO, WAV Group
Marilyn Wilson is CEO of WAV Group, a leading provider of strategic insights and consumer research in real estate. With a unique and holistic perspective, she drives positive change for clients, fostering growth and continuous improvement. As a thought leader in the real estate industry, Marilyn offers objective and easily understandable evaluations of complex issues, enabling companies and individuals to implement transformative changes.

Her background as SVP of Global Marketing and Strategic Planning at Fisher-Price empowers her to deliver actionable strategic plans that uncover a company’s unique value proposition. Marilyn’s influence extends beyond real estate, with her leadership roles at the National Small Business Administration and contributions to various organizations. A Cornell University graduate, she remains dedicated to driving innovation, partnership, and added value in the industry, setting a standard of excellence that resonates with all.

Speaking Topics & Expertise

  • Legal
    • “Increasing The Stature And Profitability Of Buyer’s Agency”
  • Female Leadership & Entrepreneurship
    • “Embracing & Elevating Women In The Workplace”
      [Individual or with Bondilyn Jolly]
Professional Highlights

  • 20+ yrs experience in venture capital & consulting
  • Experienced board advisor
  • Software investor
  • CEO, RETechnology
  • Founding Partner, WAV Group
For more than two decades, Victor Lund and WAV Group have provided consulting services to leading brokerage firms, franchises, MLSs, Associations, and the technology industry that serves them. In 2023, Lund co-authored the book Acquiring more Profit, drawing from his years of brokerage merger and acquisition experience. This visionary publication is a must-have book for every brokerage owner. 

Victor Lund is a pioneering leader in the real estate industry, renowned for his exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to driving innovation and growth. As the CEO of WAV Group, the foremost full-service consulting practice in real estate, Victor’s impact on the industry has been profound. With a focus on operational effectiveness, strategic planning, and M&A Advisory, he has guided numerous brokers, networks, and franchises through successful acquisitions, market research, and technology optimization..

Speaking Topics & Expertise

  • Brokerage Development
    • “Never Waste A Good Crisis – Strategies For Leveraging Times Of Crisis For An Unfair Advantage”
  • M&A
    • “Acquiring More Profit – The Masterclass On The Most Profitable Way To Grow Your Brokerage”
      [Individual or with George Slusser]
President, Public Relations
Professional Highlights

  •  35+ yrs experience in PR/Communications
  •  Award-winning author, freelance writer
  •  National Assoc. of Real Estate Editors   (NAREE) honoree
Kevin has more than 35 years of experience leading and transforming communications programs for small and medium sized businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies. He has held marketing, communications and leadership positions at Fannie Mae, CHASE (then Great Western Bank), HomeGain, Inman News and its initial Real Estate Connect conferences, and heading up Marketing and PR at Imprev, now part of MoxiWorks.

He is a long-time member of the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE), where he has held several positions and won multiple awards. Today he writes “Real AI,” a weekly blog post and newsletter showcasing the Artificial Intelligence movement in real estate.

Speaking Topics & Expertise

  • AI 
    • “Real AI – The practical application of the best AI available today”
  • PR Communications
President, Mergers & Acquisitions
Professional Highlights

  • Award-winning author, M&A
  • Former finance consultant, Merrill Lynch
  • Former Operations Lead, ERA-CENDANT (now Anywhere)
  • Former COO / CGO, SVN International
George Slusser is a true expert in the real estate industry’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) landscape, with a distinguished career spanning decades of financial consulting and innovation. As the author of the groundbreaking book “Acquiring Profit,” which laid out the successful approach to M&A nearly 25 years ago, George has recently published its sequel, “Acquiring More Profit,” offering a step-by-step guide to the brokerage acquisition process.

With a remarkable track record of successfully completing thousands of transactions, George provides invaluable consulting services to help brokerages navigate inevitable changes. His approach prioritizes cultural compatibility over spreadsheets, guiding broker-owners in creating growth and succession plans to maximize profitability and future-proof their businesses.

Speaking Topics & Expertise

  • M&A
    • “What Is My Brokerage Worth And When Is The Best Time To Sell?”
    • “Stop Recruiting Agents And Start Recruiting Whole Brokerages”
    • “Acquiring More Profit – The Masterclass On The Most Profitable Way To Grow Your Brokerage”
      [Individual or with Victor Lund]
President, Technology & Business Intelligence
Professional Highlights

  • 24+ yrs experience as a technologist
  • Former Director of Information Technology, Michael Saunders
  • Board Advisor, NAR, LeadingRE, RESO
David is a seasoned technologist with over 24 years of experience. His technology, marketing, and real estate expertise made him a valuable asset leading the Marketing and Technology Advisory Council for the Leading Real Estate Companies of the world and former Director for RESO. He has also served as a broker representative to NAR’s Multiple Listing Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board, Multiple Listing Issues & Policy Committee, and Leading Edge Advisory Board, David has seamlessly integrated his technology acumen and business knowledge to contribute to broad strategic thinking within the industry.
Speaking Topics & Expertise

  • Technology
    • “Brokerage Technology Stack – How To Evaluate And Optimize Your Technology For Growth”
    • “So You Want to Build an Application? | Key Steps and Pitfalls to Avoid”
President, Marketing
Professional Highlights

  • Founder & CEO, eMerge Digital Marketing Software
  • 22+ yrs running marketing agencies
  • Former CMO of large tech company
Bondilyn Jolly is a highly accomplished marketing expert with a proven track record of driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies. As the Founder and CEO of NMD, Inc., Bondilyn has over 20-years experience building and leading marketing agencies. Bondilyn also created eMerge, the leading email marketing platform in real estate that was acquired by Elm Street in 2018.  Bondilyn served as Chief Marketing Officer at Elm Street for 4-years overseeing marketing initiatives for the entire Elm Street family of products, exiting in 2022 to return to her marketing roots.

Throughout her career, Bondilyn has worked with top brokerages, franchises, tech companies and real estate organizations in the nation to develop and execute high-level marketing campaigns. Her marketing expertise has focused on various business growth initiatives such as recruitment and retention, M&A, and referral and relocation. Her outstanding contributions to the industry have earned her several awards and accolades, including “Technology Leader of the Year” and “Technology Product of the Year” for the State of Louisiana, as well as RIS Media’s annual “Newsmakers” recognition.

Speaking Topics & Expertise

  • Marketing & Business Growth
    • “Common Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them”
    • “From Hire to Retire: Magnetic Recruiting Strategies That Attract Top Talent”
    • “The Annual Playbook: Crafting a Winning Real Estate Business Plan”
      [Also available as a workshop]
    • “Acquire or Be Acquired: Thriving in Tech’s Merger Mania”
  • Female Leadership & Entrepreneurship
    • “Embracing & Elevating Women In The Workplace”
      [Individual or with Marilyn Wilson]