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The Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Division provides consulting and advisory services that specialize in serving privately held real estate brokerage companies, providers serving the industry,  and their respective ownership interests. WAV Group M&A Advisory provides a comprehensive range of quality and affordable services for our clients with unmatched expertise.

Our team of experts has participated in over 600 acquisitions and mergers with purchase prices in excess of $1.1 billion. We bring over 55 years of M&A experience specific to the real estate industry. We are capable of handling your small merger or partnership buy-out up to the largest most complex transactions in the industry. Our experience in being owner/operators, Senior Executives with multiple brands, and leaders in the industry allows us to bring a unique perspective unmatched by other advisory services. Our practical knowledge allows us to properly value the most important assets of your organization: your reputation and people.

The M&A Advisory Division was created to fill an unmet need of the owners of private real estate brokerage firms and the suppliers to the industry. Specifically, we help our clients successfully address the challenges that are common across the industry of understanding the value of their company, succession planning, strategic planning, partnership structures, capital raising, and comprehensive M&A advisory.


  • Established Real Estate Brokerage Companies, both residential and commercial
  • Property Management Companies
  • Technology Providers and FinTech Companies serving the real estate industry
  • Start-Up or Early Stage Brokerage and Service Provider Companies


We perform business valuations to assist firms in matters related to succession planning, partnership re-organizations, insurance or banking requirements, benchmarking or business planning,  and the potential sale of their businesses.

The valuation is a comprehensive report on the health of your business that incorporates the latest multiple valuation methodologies to provide an opinion of value for an on-going business. The senior partners will perform the entire analysis and recommendations.

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We work with clients on a consulting basis to assist in partnership re-organization, buy/sell agreements, succession planning, recruiting, and strategic planning. We can perform a complete business evaluation and needs assessment. Our expertise in leading successful brokerage operations allows us to suggest proven solutions to your issues. We will focus on improving processes to accelerate your growth and bottom line.  Every client’s situation and business needs are unique. We tailor each engagement based on the specific requirements of our clients.


We are often engaged as an advisor to assist firms in the sale of their enterprise to a prospective buyer(s) or for the acquisition of prospective firms in their respective markets. Our experience allows us to maximize the opportunity representing either on the buy or sale side.  Our role typically involves working directly with the client in negotiating a transaction, which will include valuation and terms, structure, due diligence, LOI, agreement and closing assistance.

We are experts at positioning companies for sale, knowing the most opportune time,  and then marketing them confidentially.  Our team can also assist in a comprehensive integration plan that includes the assimilation of the firms through a strategic plan, technology and tool assessments, pubic relations, marketing assistance, and onboarding.

We leverage our extensive experience in the real estate industry to provide solutions to our clients across the country. We have worked with boutique firms to large national firms in meeting their shareholder and growth objectives.

Our mission is to provide high-quality and affordable business solutions to our clients. As a boutique consulting and advisory firm focused on solely the real estate industry we produce exceptional results for our client. We offer the technical expertise, superior service, and a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled.

Capital Raising

Our contacts throughout the real estate and investment banking industries can help accelerate a successful conclusion to a capital need. We can assist in evaluating your current and future capital requirements.  We will propose options and help in securing new capital through multiple sources. We can also recommend restructuring options to your existing debt and cash requirements.