Victor Lund is a pioneering leader in the real estate industry, renowned for his exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to driving innovation and growth. As a founder and managing partner of WAV Group, the foremost full-service consulting practice in real estate, Victor’s impact on the industry has been profound. With a focus on operational effectiveness, strategic planning, and M&A Advisory, he has guided numerous brokers, networks, and franchises through successful acquisitions, market research, and technology optimization.

Drawing from a rich background rooted in family-controlled businesses, including the world-renowned Lund American and Dynamic Homes, Victor understands the value of innovation and perseverance. He witnessed firsthand how his father, Howard Lund, revolutionized the industry by introducing the first aluminum boat, defying skeptics and creating an enduring brand known for its quality and trustworthiness. These life lessons have shaped Victor’s leadership style, instilling in him a deep sense of responsibility to his clients and a dedication to doing what is right for their success.

Victor’s ability to craft game-changing strategies and translate them into actionable plans has earned him a reputation as a sought-after consultant for industry giants, technology companies, venture capitalists, and MLSs. He leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of knowledge, going above and beyond to deliver comprehensive insights and expedited solutions.

As a managing partner of WAV Group, Victor spearheads strategic guidance for the top 500 real estate firms and leading Franchise Organizations in America. His firm also provides invaluable consulting services for critical initiatives such as Broker Public Portal and the Broker Resource Network, which are transforming the industry from within and elevating its overall health.

Furthermore, Victor’s leadership extends beyond consulting, as he serves on boards and acts as an advisor to capital market entities, private equity firms, and venture capital groups focused on real estate. His involvement with Second Century Ventures US and Canada, along with Moderne Ventures, showcases his dedication to mentoring and nurturing emerging talent.

Additionally, Victor serves as the CEO of RE Technology, the nation’s premier real estate technology and media portal with a vast subscriber base. Through these multifaceted roles, Victor Lund continues to shape the real estate industry’s trajectory, steering it towards a future defined by innovation, efficiency, and growth. His leadership, coupled with his unwavering commitment to clients, sets a standard of excellence that resonates throughout the industry.