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In today’s business environment it is tougher than ever to find new paths to optimize your business or association. The WAV Group can help you make smarter technology decisions and guide you to breakthroughs and paths to success. Areas we can help with include:

  • Facilitating comprehensive strategic planning sessions.

  • Designing and executing research programs
  • Helping you to develop and launch your next real estate product
  • Creating and executing custom marketing and communication plans

  • Optimizing sales – sales training, comp plans, presentation development, distribution strategies
  • Building comp plans
  • Retooling distribution strategies
  • Delivering broker Internet strategies to increase leads and lead conversion
  • Recruiting senior level executives whose experience can drive excellence in your company

WAV Group offers an unmatched depth of experience in technology, strategic planning, research, business development, public relations, marketing, sales, and product development in the real estate industry. We work with your organization as virtual executives and help you meet the objectives of your business or association, more quickly, more effectively and more affordably.

Our partners have collectively launched over 25 businesses and have led several hundred business process evaluations and system installations in North America, Europe and Asia. We have created significant increases in sales and profits for Fortune 100 to start-up companies.

Our clients include some of the largest MLSs in North America, the most respected brokerage and real estate franchise organizations in the US and Internationally, innovative technology companies and top trade associations. This diverse collection of global industry experience allows the WAV Group to cross-fertilize ideas and bring best of breed solutions to its clients.

All of the WAV Group partners have been CEO’s, Executive team members or founders of Fortune 100 and venture-funded corporations and approach each relationship with a clear understanding of the challenges that face our client’s businesses today. We are here to help you take your association or business to the next level and create the next wave of success.

Marilyn Wilson Lund
Marilyn Wilson LundManaging Partner
Victor Lund
Victor LundManaging Partner
Kevin Hawkins
Kevin HawkinsWAV Group Communications
Myra Jolivet
Myra JolivetPR & Communications Strategist
David Gumpper
David GumpperWAV Group Business Intelligence and Technology
George Slusser
George SlusserWAV Group Mergers and Acquisitions
Mark McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlinWAV Group M&A Advisory and CEO, McLaughlin Ventures
Finley Hair
Finley HairNational Director, M&A Advisory
Bondilyn Jolly
Bondilyn JollyWAV Group Marketing Services
Nelson Diaz
Nelson DiazWAV Group web3 Services
Ethan Jolly
Ethan JollyFinance and Email Deliverability Expert

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