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Your MLS could be a BEST MLS in one of seven categories.  

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Peer to Peer Perspective

In order to set reasonable and attainable goals, you need a peer group to compare your performance to. Many industries have standardized KPIs that help to inform management on their performance, like the US News and World Report ranking of Best Hospitals. Similarly, the first annual WAV Group Customer Experience Index is establishing the standard for MLS organizations industry-wide.

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MLS Trends to Inform Your Strategic Decisions

As things change in the real estate industry, agents and brokers need different products, services, and data to compete. The WAV Group Customer Experience Index takes a giant national sample of agents and brokers to reveal those needs more quickly than ever before.

In this video, WAV Group managing partner, Marilyn Wilson, and BAREIS MLS CEO, KB Walter, discuss the sometimes surprising insights that are helping MLSs prepare for the changes coming in 2023.

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As a leader in the MLS industry, WAV Group has the experience to ask the questions that matter and the global perspective to provide meaningful insights into your results that enables you to improve your customer experience. Your report will include scoring in 7 standardized customer experience KPIs with badges awarded to the top performing organization in each category.  

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