WAV Group Customer Experience Index


The WAV Group Customer Experience Index sets industry-wide customer satisfaction standards for MLSs.  

Participants scoring in the top half of each key performance indicator (KPI) are named BEST MLS and awarded badges to recognize their hard work and contributions to the local real estate communities they serve.  

WAV Group BEST MLS Badges

Congratulations to all the WAV Group Customer Experience Index participants for their hard work and dedication to making their local markets better. 

7 Key Performance Indicators

WAV Group Customer Experience Index is designed not just to rate the local MLS, but to uncover the key driver behind those scores so that all participants can improve their operations.  Each KPI includes a series of exploratory questions to give unmatched depth of insight into each category.  

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BEST MLS Methodology

The BEST MLS awards are determined using local subscriber satisfaction ratings, from WAV Group Customer Experience Index (CXI) participants, on a scale from 1-10 for each of the seven key performance indicators (KPIs). The average scores in each market are combined to set the average rating for the entire program. MLSs with an average KPI score at or above the national average are awarded a BEST MLS badge for that category.