WAV Group Communications

Telling your story

WAV Group Communications is a leader in Real Estate, PropTech and Fintech Public Relations and Content Creation. We deliver consistently unmatched ROI compared to other marketing and communications investments.

WAV Group helps put firms on the map. We help you tell your stories to build and maintain awareness, generate product adoption, and help drive profitability. We amplifying your sales and marketing efforts, working in tandem with your team. We generate the right mix of earned, owned and shared content for you and your firm.

Our clients include leading MLS firms, industry Associations, real estate brokerages, financial services and Fintech firms, and real estate technology companies.

Services offered by WAV Group Communications include:

  • Unmatched media relations support
  • Content creation, curation, and program development
  • Leveraging the world’s largest media contact database
  • Strategic PR and content consulting
  • Merger and consolidation support
  • Media Audits and Media Reviews
  • Media Training
  • Social media content development and support
  • Crisis communications support

Unmatched Media Relations services

Your firm needs to become a source — and a resource — for industry reporters. WAV Group Communications can help develop a deep base of media contacts, from top trade publications to leading business news outlets to influential blogs and broadcasters. We have earned a reputation for developing clients that provide content that has a strong news appeal. We are well-known for our responsiveness to journalists on a deadline. We have earned a reputation for providing reliable sources, dependable data, and reachable and quotable experts. WAV Group Communications has the unrivaled experience and the skilled resources to help your stories get told.

Content creation, curation, and program development

Our Content Creation and Curation programs cover the full spectrum. We create your boilerplate, news releases, executive bios, FAQs, Fact Sheets, product and corporate profiles to white papers, client success case studies, newsletters, blogs, social media content and more. Every product, every firm, every service has a story. WAV Group helps you tell your best stories to the right audiences at the right time through a combination of earned, owned and shared content.

Strategic PR and Content consulting

A rock-solid PR and Content plan should be at the core of every successful business strategy. WAV Group Communications provides compelling, effective, and cost-efficient PR and content strategies. With decades of experience in the real estate and tech industries, we understand your business needs and objectives. We are seasoned real estate industry PR and content creation veterans. We know your market environment. We work with you and your team to determine the best channels, including social and traditional media. We craft the right messages and deploy the most effective tactics to reach your target clients and industry influencers at the right time.

Leveraging the world’s largest media contact database

Our WAV Group media relations program leverages the world’s leading media and social influencer database and communications platform. Our fully integrated system delivers the most comprehensive influencer and media database. Our platform features 1.4 million searchable records, including 450,000 media contacts and 300,000 Editorial Calendars. With direct media distribution capabilities, we currently curate more than 200 custom media lists for our clients.

We also directly connect daily to a content community of more than 55,000 journalists looking for sources for stories they are writing on deadline.

Most importantly, we can track and monitor your news coverage through this platform and provide you with detailed reporting.

Merger and consolidation support

WAV Group Communications provides the real estate industry’s most comprehensive Strategic PR and Content Program support for navigating mergers and acquisitions as well as consolidations. From the successful launch of one of the re-imagining of one of the country’s leading MLSs to a major combination of a modern tech firm with an established real estate data giant, WAV Group is the go-to source for PR assistance.

Media Audits and Reviews

How effective is your PR communications and content? What are you doing well, and what needs improvement? How do you compare to your competitors? WAV Group Communications offers two options. We offer an independent, in-depth Media Audit, as well as a comprehensive Media Review of your external or internal messaging and communications program. We examine content effectiveness, including competitive analysis and comparison to craft or refine your messaging. For external audits and reviews, this process helps us identify reporters, bloggers, and influencers who follow/cover your top competitors. A Media Audit or Media Review can help you create the right messages to tell your best story. We create messaging that resonates and is remembered by your targeted audiences.

Media Training

If you feel like you or your firm has been burned by media coverage, it’s time to learn how to lessen that pain. WAV Group Communications can equip you (or your spokesperson) with the knowledge to handle any situation. We will teach you how to navigate even the most aggressive interview.

Every successful PR program creates relationships with reporters. As a result, that means being highly accessible — and quotable. Also, interviews on radio or television are significantly different and require training.

WAV Group offers an exceptional half-day immersive Media Training course for C-level executives. We arm you with a 24-page take-home manual that features everything you will learn in this course for instant reference. Our Media Training provides executives with in-depth, practical tactics and memorable tips that help you deliver successful interviews.

Social media content development and support

WAV Group Communications not only helps you create and curate the right content. We also can help you leverage your original content on social media. Because we provide social media content to develop and support through your social channels and ours. WAV Group leaders reach a massive sphere of influencers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We can deliver content to a highly targeted audience in remarkable ways. The social media execution assistance we provide can augment your existing resources most efficiently.

Crisis communications management

It takes years — even decades — to build a valued reputation that can be lost in minutes. You must always be prepared. Anything that can potentially threaten the reputation or integrity of your firm requires crisis communications expertise and assistance. WAV Group Communications is your skilled advocate and advisor during the most challenging times. Gaining the ability to invoke a properly executed crisis communications response at a moment’s notice,is vital for every firm. You have a fiduciary duty to your stakeholders and need to protect the value of its brand. WAV Group can help.