Natural Language Processing for Real Estate

Natural Language Processing (NLP) as a subcategory of Artificial Intelligence has continued to grow in its practice by the real estate industry. This growth is evident as seen by the proliferation of chatbots on real estate websites and new innovative products like Homebot – who won the 2018 Realogy FWD Innovation Award. Let's dip into Natural Language Processing and how to use it for SEO in real estate blog articles.

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Cultivating Transformation is a Key to Successful Boards and CEOs

The most successful business leaders in real estate understand that perpetual change is an intrinsic part of organizational culture. So, how do you reach that place?

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Century 21 Launches ListTrac For Analytics on Portal Marketing

In an email blast to Century 21 brokers and agents today, Century 21 released the Golden Ruler powered by ListTrac®, a reporting tool that allows sellers, agents, and brokers to see the engagement that a property is getting across the Internet.

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Sam DeBord Becomes RESO CEO

The evolution of data management standards has been driven by generous contributions of the best minds in real estate technology, shepherded by Jeremy Crawford over the past two years. Today, WAV Group welcomes another great leader to RESO, Sam DeBord. His credentials are outstanding. The RESO announcement is important because MLS systems in America are the platform for data management in real estate. Since its inception, MLSs found their own path to creating data schemas, like data payloads, data fields, and data business rules. As brokers and agents have evolved their application diversity in their business from property search [...]

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Marketing tip: Pay more attention to Gen Xers

The National Association of REALTORS research experts continuously share housing data with insights that sometimes surprises or delights. Their recent look into Gen Xers did both – for me at least. Here are some terrific nuggets that I believe has one major takeaway. It seems all the attention has been on Millennials (or Gen Y) when perhaps we should be spending more time focusing on this ready-to-buy market, the Gen Xers. “Defined as buyers between 39 and 54 years old, they now make up the SECOND largest share of home buyers by generation, at 24 percent of all home buyers [...]

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GDPR Compliance for Email Marketing

Sotheby's International Realty is a company owned brokerage of Realogy's NRT holding company. The firm uses Rezora for digital marketing and they have done an exquisite job of adopting GDPR - Europe's General Data Protection Regulation. As you can plainly recognize from the name of the company which contains "international," Sotheby's International Realty is a brand that markets properties to people who live in the GDPR nations. Sotheby's even translates currency into Euros and properties into multiple languages. These activities are the criteria that distinguish which businesses need to be GDPR compliant. Moreover, I am certain that the company [...]

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T3 Sixty Releases their Industry Rankings

In the same week, Real Trends released their Real Trends 500 broker rankings, RIS Media released their Power Broker rankings and T3 Sixty released their Mega 1000 ranking of the largest Brokerages, Franchisors, and Holding companies. For a large part, these firms use self-reported dollar sales volume and unit sales volume data from brokerages and franchises to construct the rankings. As we noted in our article about the Real Trends list, not all firms report. When you are missing data from companies like Weichert and Redfin, it skews the rankings. T3 Sixty provided their 2019 rankings to WAV Group and [...]

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MLS Policy Needs to Support Price Change History and Parcel Data on Broker Websites

For most people, real estate occupies the greatest percentage of family wealth – far more than investments in stocks or other wealth building accounts. Back in the 40s, my relative’s grandfather and his brother purchased a very modest two-bedroom cinderblock home in a nice neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida as a winter getaway. One brother ended up owning the property after his sibling and his wife passed. When the second brother passed, the property was inherited by his daughter, who is now 89 years old. She intends to either leave it to her grandchild or sell it and leave the [...]

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