WAV Group mourns passing of Lorne Wallace

As the saying goes, they just don’t make them like Lorne and his generation of visionary, gutsy entrepreneurs anymore. Lorne had a unique vision for the industry, founded in profitability. His background as a chartered accountant gave him a unique perspective so valuable to brokers, most of whom grew up focusing on top line sales, not profitability. He was a constant crusader teaching brokers how to manage expenses, simplify their operations and build sustainable businesses.

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Are you afraid your real estate organization will not survive for the long haul?

There are billions of dollars pouring into our industry today-- investment bankers and venture capitalists alike have caught the real estate bug. If the programs and companies you offer don’t meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, then you’re not going to be around for long. 

Plunk and Milestones Join Forces through AI-Powered Remodel Insights

This is a great extension of the unparalleled functionality already available in Milestones Homeownership Hubs. Not only will the Plunk AVM be listed next to two other leading AVMs to provide home values, but now, homeowners, homebuyers, and home sellers can gauge the value growth from maintenance, home improvement and remodeling. Moreover, Plunk will be providing a data point for conversations between customers, their real estate agent and their financier. Congratulations to Plunk and Milestones - another great blend of REACH graduates. Please see below for the full press release.   Plunk and Milestones Join Forces to Unlock Trillions of [...]

Collabra Technology launches enterprise-level digital marketing platform for brokerages.

SphereBuilder™ marketing automation and analytics now available for select brokerages across the United States. This week, Collabra Technology, Inc. (“Collabra Technology”) unveiled an enterprise version of their SphereBuilder™ digital marketing platform to over 300 real estate agents under a strategic alliance with Windermere Spokane.  Collabra Technologies is now accepting meetings with other technology-forward brokerages and organizations looking for powerful insight into the marketing initiatives of their organization. Over my years in working in real estate marketing technology, I’ve seen (and believed) in a lot of marketing productivity products hitting the market, only to find that many of them fall short of delivering an intuitive, resourceful experience that drives and supports agent adoption, coaching and retention.  Collabra Technology’s SphereBuilder platform could be the exception to the rule.

Maximizing the Sale of Your Brokerage

As the owner of a real estate brokerage firm, you have invested years of hard work and dedication into building your business. But at some point, you may start to consider selling your company, whether it's to pursue other career goals or to retire comfortably. The question is: when is the best time to sell?

Agents Want CRM from their MLS and MLSListings Delivers

MLSListings selected Prospects CRM from CoreLogic and will be offering the full featured solution to every agent at no additional cost.

MIAMI Realtors – Parcel Centric Services Are Table Stakes for Every Real Estate App

MIAMI Association of Realtors® added their voice to the choir of MLSs who are launching parcel centric applications to empower the agent-client experience.

Strategic Failure

Preparing for a Strategic Planning session involves a process of gaining a holistic view of the organization. Understanding your customer’s perspective is always the primary driver that informs everything. But understanding of staff culture and capabilities; system strengths and limitations; financial conditions; and industry trends pave a path to developing a plan that works. At the end of the day, the board of directors and the management team agree to a group of initiatives that will make the business stronger, and the strategic plan is born. Some organizations in real estate take the plan and execute it flawlessly where others [...]

WAV Group Mourns the Passing of Former MetroList CEO Rick Trevino

WAV Group is saddened to hear about the loss of one of our favorite colleagues Rick Trevino. He always had a bright smile and a passion to do the right thing for his customers ad the industry overall. Hopefully, his family will take some solace in the amazing contribution Rick made to the world and to the real estate industry. The world is a better place because of his Rick’s contributions.

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Who owns your content – you or OpenAI?

You hear a lot of things at real estate conferences. A notion Marilyn Wilson most recently heard while at NAR Mid-Year was that OpenAI owns the content that you provide them. As someone extremely interested in most things AI, I immediately did some research. Where did I start?

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Create Raving Fans! 5 Gotta Haves for your 2023 MLS Budget

WAV Group conducts more subscriber satisfaction research for MLSs than anyone else in the country, including our industry first Customer Experience Index.  We have a depth of understanding of the key drivers of satisfaction and perceived relevance for MLS organizations. Here’s the 5 key opportunities for improving your MLS’ satisfaction and relevance as you move into 2023: Go TO Your Members Create a Field Support/Training Team There is NOTHING that drives up customer engagement and satisfaction for MLSs more than a team of customer servants that go out into the field, attending office meetings, broker events and community events.  These [...]