Real AI: AI Turbo-powered, new AI research and top AI headlines

By Kevin Hawkins with Korey Hawkins | Vol. 1 Post 13 Real AI is a 100% human-created weekly roundup of all things AI in real estate and emerging AI innovations in other sectors likely to impact real estate, posting a new edition every Friday. GPT-4 Turbo: What real estate pros need to know Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, during its first in-person developer event, launched a more powerful AI model dubbed GPT-4 Turbo, currently in Beta, among other advances. What will these AI improvements do? GPT-4 Turbo is said to be a smarter model than ChatGPT-4. It will let [...]

11 Cutting-Edge Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Use AI Today

This article was originally posted on Artificial intelligence (AI for short) is arguably one of the biggest trends in real estate — and beyond — in 2023. What’s truly amazing is how fast the industry has figured out how AI can be used in real estate. Agents and brokers are using it for different tasks that would ordinarily take a person hours, if not longer. RE Technology hosted a webinar on Tuesday, September 19, with Liz Sturrock, the Chief of MLS and Innovation at Miami REALTORS(R). Sturrock’s job is to stay apprised of both risks and the opportunities when [...]

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WAV Group Mourns the Passing of Former MetroList CEO Rick Trevino

WAV Group is saddened to hear about the loss of one of our favorite colleagues Rick Trevino. He always had a bright smile and a passion to do the right thing for his customers ad the industry overall. Hopefully, his family will take some solace in the amazing contribution Rick made to the world and to the real estate industry. The world is a better place because of his Rick’s contributions.

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Lead Software Engineer Opportunity: Driving Innovation and Growth in Real Estate

Do you have leadership skills in software development and a passion for driving innovation? If yes, we have a job opportunity that may suit you! Our client seeks a Lead Software Engineer to oversee the software development for their web and real estate data pipeline projects.

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A big jump up for hot PropTech startup zavvie

MoxiWorks is a real estate industry titan, serving 800 brokerages and their 400,000 agents, connected to over 500 MLSs and 150-plus tech partners. Today, zavvie announced integration with MoxiWorks, making its white label marketplace for brokerages and vastly expanding its ability to offer iBuyers and Power Buyers solutions with the addition of MoxiWorks powered brokerages. zavvie integrates with MoxiPresent, known as the easy-to-use, feature-stuffed, and ultra-versatile real estate presentation builder. MoxiPresent can now showcase instant iBuyer offers for sellers and information about Power Buyers, including “cash offers” and “buy before you sell” modern bridge solutions for buyers and current homeowners. [...]

Five Easy Steps to Turn a Disgruntled Subscriber into a Raving Fan

From WAV Group’s over 20 years of fielding MLS and association customer satisfaction surveys, and from the launch of our new program the WAV Group Customer Experience Index, we have learned a lot about how to use survey results to turn a disgruntled subscriber into a raving fan. Here is a time-tested process that sometimes takes your worst critic and turns them into your most loyal supporter.

RESO Unveils 2022 Board of Directors, Executive Committee Leaders

Every December, the election results are revealed that announce the new Board of Directors for the Real Estate Standards organization or RESO. And every year, a stellar slate of industry leaders take the helm at RESO to help guide its vision for a streamlined real estate technology industry. The real estate industry is well represented by this group, which includes: Rebecca Jensen, MRED; Michael Wurzer, FBS; John Breault, State-Wide MLS; and Richard Renton, Triad MLS; Todd Carpenter, NAR; Jason Normandin, NAR; Matt Cohen, CoreLogic; Bob Evans, Move, Inc.; and Mark Lesswing, T3 Sixty; Turan Tekin, Zillow Group; Andy Woolley,; [...]

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Delta Media’s “Fresh” take on real estate advertising

Every so often, a real estate-related advertising campaign emerges that cuts through the clutter to make a strong audience connection. Not too long ago, Zillow, like the old AT&T tv ads, tugged at our homeownership heartstrings. The National Association of Realtors' ads used fictional Realtor Phil Dunphy from Modern Family to make us laugh. Go back 30 years to find the groundbreaking Great Western Bank commercials featuring Dennis Weaver. These brilliant TV ads spoke to both a B2B audience (Realtors) and B2C (consumers) with the same powerful "use a Realtor" message. My favorite one has Dennis walking in front of [...]

North Carolina Regional MLS continues its statewide expansion

North Carolina Regional MLS is quickly creating one of the most expansive MLSs in the state through building an innovative "alliance" with other North Carolina MLSs and Associations that run other MLS. NCRMLS now covers 38% of the Tar Heel state, announcing it just increased its coverage from 315 cities and towns in 27 counties to 361 cities and towns in 31 counties. Its strategy is straightforward: to simplify data access across multiple MLS boundaries throughout North Carolina. Its momentum is growing. NCRMLS is demonstrating there's great value in offering "one set of rules with a robust, streamlined MLS system [...]

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Real estate tech integration survey: What firms are at the top?

When I was head of Marketing and PR at Imprev, now part of MoxiWorks, we polled industry brokerage leaders twice a year about their challenges and their take on emerging technology trends. One of the most common pain points that topped the majority of broker-owners lists year after year was that real estate tech didn’t “talk” to each other. Most real estate technology was in silos, they complained. Double, triple entry of the same data by agents into different tech tools was commonplace. The challenge remains daunting enough that the Real Estate Standards Organization formed the Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup. Its [...]