Three Ways to Defend Against Losing Customers from MLS of Choice

Real estate is a service business.  REALTORS® are service professionals.  Are MLSs doing what it takes to support their subscribers with the service needed to help every agent and broker deliver the best service they can to the homebuyers and sellers?    With today’s new MLS of Choice environment, REALTORS® DO have a choice about what MLS to work with.  It’s time to take a serious look at the norms of service quality for MLSs today.

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Solving the Mysteries of Jet Lag

For years, I have strenuously maintained that when I fly West, especially to Hawaii from the West Coast, I never have been jet lagged. But when I fly to Europe from Seattle, if I don’t follow all the jet lag management tactics I’ve learned over the years, I’ll pay the price. Many fellow business and active leisure travelers told me I was nuts.

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Why is Real Estate so Obsessed with Innovation or Disruption?

I was inspired by a Facebook post the other day that asked the question – “Name One Thing That Government Has Made Cheaper and More Efficient.” Ok – it was not really a question. But it was a command that begged a question.

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How Agents are Benefiting from Artificial Intelligence

WAV Group founding partner and RE Technology Chief Executive Officer, Victor Lund traveled to Paris again this year to share insights on the evolution of technology in America. His talk highlighted how systems automation is relieving Realtors of many routine tasks. This process is called Artificial Intelligence, which is the process of having machines do the work that humans normally do.

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NAR Boston 2018: Home Runs and Strikeouts in Beantown

My dad grew up, pre-Depression, on Beacon Hill in Boston. As a kid, we took a lot of road trips. Because my dad worked for Westin Hotels, we stayed at a lot of nice places in big towns for free. My favorite road trip when we lived in Chicago was visiting Boston and the New England area. I had been back a couple of times for business and always loved visiting this city. After this last week at NAR, I absolutely want to go back – but next time for a vacation.

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What Not To Miss and Put On Your List for Boston NAR

Each year, I try to find some of the things you won't want to miss at the annual National Association of REALTORS Conference and Expo. This week, some 20,000 real estate pros are expected to take over Boston, one of America’s great historic cities packed with extraordinary tourist attractions.

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We Need a “Common App” for Data Feed Approvals

Sometimes we just make it too hard to do business in real estate.  We spend SO much time and energy talking about herculean tasks like statewide consolidation efforts and yet spent so LITTLE time talking about practical, unsexy solutions that can make our lives so much easier!

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Broker Public Portal Initiative Forges Ahead As Midwest Real Estate Data Integrates Homesnap Into MLS

LISLE, Ill, OCTOBER 25, 2018 -- Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS) giant Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) today announced the successful integration of Homesnap, the public-facing brand of the Broker Public Portal (BPP), into its MLS system. This marks a major step forward for the national home search platform as the first true consumer-facing app for MLSs.

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Amarki Selected as Finalist for Realogy FWD Innovation Award

Irvine, Calif., October 26, 2018 – Creel Information Technology, Inc (CREELliT), Inc., a leading digital marketing platform solutions provider, today announced their Amarki marketing platform for enterprise real estate brokers and franchises has been selected as a finalist by Realogy Holdings Group (NYSE:RLGY) for their FWD Innovation Award.

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MRED, Dynaconnections and Homesnap Deliver Latest Major Milestone for Broker Public Portal Movement

I’m so excited to see the Broker Public Portal movement achieve another exciting milestone!   MRED and their highly rated MLS system provider Dynaconnections have created the ability for agents to enhance the saved searches they send to their clients by allowing consumers to see their saved searches via Homesnap.   BPP naysayers believed that this type of integration was impossible.  They also believed the Broker Public Portal would never be able to deliver over 1 million FREE leads in less than a year or successfully engage more than 160 MLSs representing nearly 900,000 agents either.  This is the just the [...]

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MLS Improvement Requires Broker Support

There is a progressive MLS leadership group that is fighting on behalf of brokers to make dramatic improvements in data management that needs broker support for their efforts. The group is called MLS Roundtable, made up of eight MLSs representing 300,000 brokers and agents. In an article published this week called Measuring Success for MLS Executives, Kathy Condon, President and CEO of Massachusetts regional MLS PIN scribes an eloquent synopsis of the status of migrating data feeds from the RETS transportation method to RESO Web API. She urges the industry to move forward quickly and responsibility. They need brokers to support the effort by encouraging more MLSs to focus their attention and treasury to RESO Web API adoption.