How Does the Offer of Buyer’s Compensation Impact Broker Recruiting?

Know your worth and understand that the percentage of broker dollars is highly impacted by the commission offered by the seller to the listing and buyer’s agent.

Navigating Multiple Bids and Fair Housing: Insights From WAV Group’s Latest Survey

Recently, WAV Group conducted a survey targeting individuals who embarked on the journey to purchase a home. This survey aimed to explore their experiences in the context of Fair Housing. Here are some preliminary findings from the study, with the complete results are available in the Fair Housing Survey Report now avaialable.

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WAV Group Consumer Migration Study: Consumers who moved during the Pandemic are staying put.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about significant changes to our lives, reshaping the way we work, socialize, and even where we call home. As remote work became the new norm, many individuals seized the opportunity to reassess their living situations and make a move. In this study, we aimed to explore migration patterns during the pandemic and understand the factors influencing relocation decisions. The Boomerang Effect: Relocating Back to Pre-Pandemic Homes? In our initial hypothesis, we postulated the existence of a boomerang effect, suggesting that individuals who had moved during the pandemic might eventually change their minds and desire to return [...]

NNRMLS study reveals that properties promoted on the MLS sell for more than off-MLS homes on average.

On average, a listing on the multiple listing service yielded a 17% premium in sales price over similar properties sold off-MLS independent of other variables. For a typical home, this resulted in a $55,250 increase in sales price. This study is consistent with studies conducted in other markets as well. It makes sense that a property promoted by hundreds of IDX feeds enabled by the Multiple Listing Service, plus the exposure to the most qualified network of industry professionals in the local MLS region would generate the most buyer interest.

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Not all Consumers Believe Commissions are a Mystery

Reading the disturbing news about yet another Class Action Lawsuit facing our industry is upsetting to all of us, needless to say. For those that are losing sleep over the implications of the potential outcomes of these lawsuits to their bottom-line, I thought you might want to read a bit of reassuring news, directly from consumers.

WAV Group Releases 2023 Brokerage Technology Study

In today’s fast-paced real estate market, technology has become a crucial component of broker success. WAV Group’s 2023 Broker Technology Study captured broker technology usage patterns and their perceived impact on business and agent success.   Technology plays a significant role in the success of brokers and MLSs in today’s real estate market. While brokers are generally supportive of their technology stacks, they do believe that technology is not being leveraged to its fullest extent. There is room to better promote why and how agents will benefit if they fully embrace technology offered by their brokerage. 

New 2022 Realtor Tech Survey Reveals Advances, Shortcomings

Today the National Association of Realtors released its annual Technology survey of members, one of my favorite yearly research studies. With over 2,400 responses, it provides excellent insight into how tech innovations are impacting the real estate business now and in the future. Not many surprises, but this new research confirms the acceleration of tech adoption as one positive factor fueled by the pandemic. Here are some quick highlights: -eSigning rules: Looking back at the last 12 months, respondents ranked eSignatures as the most impactful tech tool (79%), with lockboxes (67%) and local MLS apps/technology (67%) tied for second place. [...]

What is the most valuable service buyer agents provide?

One encouraging finding from the study was the high percentage of overall buyer satisfaction with the value provided by their agent. 88% of respondents thought that their agent earned the commission that they received on the home purchase. This is good news for an industry that has seen many “industry disruptors” enter the marketplace over the last several decades.

New Study Reveals Increased Transparency Leads to Increased Value

WAV Group’s new Buyer Agent Commission Study reveals many insights from buyers about their awareness, understanding and appreciation of how commissions work when buying a home.

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Facing the Future of the MLS Buyer Broker Commission Litigation

Are you following any of the Buyer Commission lawsuits? MLSs that require a listing broker to provide a blanket, unilateral offer of compensation to buyer brokers in order to submit a listing to the MLS is likely to be rendered obsolete. Imagining a future of the MLS without the offer of compensation, should be the top issue discussed in MLS board rooms today.

Minimize Buyer Frustration with Effective Financing Education and Preparation

Money may or may not buy happiness, but you for sure need it to buy a house. For most people that means getting a mortgage. Thirty-five percent of frustrated homebuyers in the WAV Group Homebuyer Frustration report pointed to the mortgage process being a source of their frustration. One respondent in the study suggested, “There needs to be more workers in the mortgage field to make it run faster.” 

Minimize Buyer Frustration with Adequate Education Upfront

The WAV Group’s recent study on homebuyer frustration reveals many pain points that homebuyers have been experiencing in the recent seller’s market.  While some of the frustration is unique to the market conditions of 2020 and 202, like multiple bid situations, there are still many insights that can help agents prepare their clients for the process regardless of market conditions.