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AI will make the big, biggerAI will make the big bigger

Today, AI is in the business news headlines everywhere you look. Within 12 hours this week, OpenAI, Google, and Meta announced new AI versions. The French AI startup Mistral also released its latest version.

Meta is launching its third version of Llama. Google released Gemini Pro 1.5 at Google Next 24. OpenAI issued its final version of GPT-4 Turbo, and Mistral debuted Mixtral 8x22B.

What does it mean to the real estate industry? In AI, the big keeps getting bigger.

It also means you need to integrate AI tools into your daily workflow if you haven’t already. Don’t wait for a free version from a startup; the startups won’t be able to catch up.

While startups might be able to leverage some of the tech provided by the AI giants, when it comes to powering Chatbots, the giants in this space are exponentially growing. Their generative AI capabilities are unmatched, offering a competitive edge that real estate agents can’t afford to ignore.

Google is building AI into everything, and Microsoft is, too. This Gen AI battle is just beginning. Search is being impacted, which means revenue in search is likely falling, too. Will Google charge separately for AI enhancements as they look for new revenue? Will Microsoft better compete against Google by doing the opposite?

For real estate agents, the best strategy is to use all the major AI Chatbots to assist you in your work today. Pay for pro accounts for ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, and Perplexity. Use them regularly to perfect your prompts and learn how to iterate to increase your productivity significantly. You’ll discover that some Chatbots do some specific tasks better than others.

It will be more than worth your investment for less than $100 a month. While AI will make players like Google and Microsoft bigger, it can also help agents become bigger in their markets. (-Kevin)

AI latest trendsAI latest trends

AI voice cloning: OpenAI (ChatGPT) created a voice assistant called Voice Engine, but it is now holding off on broad release. Why? Apparently, it can clone someone’s voice after “listening” to them for just 15 seconds. We’ve already seen the nefarious use of this tech in political robocalls, but the negative potential is far greater. Think about how banks already use “voiceprints” as part of a multifactor security protocol when you access your accounts. Still, the positive potential of the tech remains: Imagine how an agent could leave 200 custom voicemails for clients without wearing out their voice. But then again, does anyone listen to their voicemails anymore?

AI is getting more persuasive: Can Chatbots be more convincing than people? Anthropic (Claude) dove into this topic and found that each new improvement to Claude is becoming more persuasive. Claude 3 Opus says their research “produces arguments that don’t statistically differ in their persuasiveness compared to arguments written by humans.” Watch out, legal eagles; AI may be coming for your jobs next. For now, real estate agents might want to look at tools like Claude as an AI assistant to craft responses during negotiations.

Intel battles back: Nvidia has become the king of AI-powering chips. Its market cap has soared from $350 billion at the start of 2023 to over $2 trillion today. Intel isn’t sitting on its hands. It just announced its newest chip—Gaudi 3—could significantly outperform Nvidia H100 chips: 50% faster. The upside for everyone using AI is that more efficiency eventually translates into lower costs (less energy consumption). The cost of AI continues to remain a threat to curtailing its potential.

Google introduces a new AI video tool: Google Workspace is rolling out Google Vids, a tool distinct from Sora in several ways. It’s not a direct competitor but rather an alternative AI-enhancement tool that can be a substitute for Google Presentation. To better understand its features and capabilities, you can watch the demo video linked here. While it does not have the same ‘wow’ factor as Sora, it offers unique functionalities to enhance video storytelling creations. (-Kevin)

AI Fast FactsAI Five Facts

  1. 95% of software developers are using generative AI tools to write new code – Sourcegraph
  2. 50% of marketers say team training is the biggest roadblock to adopting AI – Botco
  3. 70% of executives and developers surveyed showed concern about generative AI tools giving users the wrong information – Google
  4. 19% of adults aged 18 to 34 view AI-written news as a positive development, compared to only 7% of those aged 55 and over – Statista
  5. Only 38% of consumers surveyed think the use of AI art is ethical – Big Village

Source: Charity Digital (Korey)

AI Headlines TodayAI headlines: Take 5

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