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Excited woman reading text on a phone on christmas

WAV Group Report – December 2019 Issue 1

WAV Group built their mobile app to demonstrate a communication strategy that we believe will be vital for…

good governance

WAV Group Report – April 2019 Issue 1

For most people, real estate occupies the greatest percentage of family wealth – far more than investments in stocks or other wealth building accounts.

Newsletter March 2019 - Issue 4

WAV Group Report – March 2019 Issue 4

Is it Time to Modernize YOUR Brand?
Let’s face it…many of the most well-respected companies in real estate have not…

WAV Group Report – March 2019 Issue 3

Brokers Need to Weaponize to Combat iBuyer
Who is getting to the listing appointment first? Is it a traditional broker …

WAV Group Report – March 2019 Issue 2

Vendors May Face Penalties if Not RESO Compliant
The affiliated Multiple Listing Services of the Real Estate Standards Organization have invested …

WAV Group Report – March 2019 Issue 1

MLSs Demand Broker Data Sovereignty
A battle was waged between MLSs and the National Association of REALTORS(R) against the Library of Congress …

WAV Group Report – February 2019 Issue 3

Lone Wolf’s New CEO Jack Blaha
WAV Group and RE Technology would like to welcome Jack Blaha to the real estate industry …

WAV Group Report – February 2019 Issue 2

CoreLogic Selected as Upstream Vendor
Upstream continues to pursue its goal to make it easier for brokers to manage the collection…

WAV Group Report – February 2019 Issue 1

REally! Agent Tool Usage Reporting is Behind the Times
This week’s adventure found me looking at Agent tool usage reports…

WAV Group Report – February 2019 Issue 1

REally! Agent Tool Usage Reporting is Behind the Times
This week’s adventure found me looking at Agent tool usage reports…

WAV Group Report – January 2019 Issue 5

Need a Proven Way to Protect Your Brokerage Against Disruptors
Are you tire of reading about the billions of dollars being invested…

WAV Group Report – January 2019 Issue 4

New WAV Group Study Reveals CRM Usage is Key to Driving Sustainable Broker Profitability
WAV Group recently fielded its WAV Group 2019 CRM Effectiveness Study…

WAV Group Report – January 2019 Issue 3

Today’s Online Business Intelligence
Notice how I did not say web analytics? A vast chasm exists between marketing, technology, and business…

WAV Group Report – January 2019 Issue 2

Three Untapped MLS Growth Opportunities?
To improve a business, it is common to focus on customer expansion, or delivering a wider array of services…

WAV Group Report – January 2019 Issue 1

BHHS Fox and Roach Launches ACE to 5100 Agents
BHHS Fox and Roach is among the largest real estate brokerages in America…

WAV Group Report – December 2018 Issue 2

A Real Estate Brokerage with a Technology Vision
The Keller Williams pivot is beginning to make sense to me…

WAV Group Report – December 2018 Issue 1

Why Are MLSs Making it SO Hard to Innovate?
Our industry needs to find meaningful ways to support new thinking and innovation…

WAV Group Report – November 2018 Issue 4

Adjusting Your 2019 Budget with Economic Data
It is that time of year again when budgeting for next year takes hold of your company…

WAV Group Report – November 2018 Issue 3

Your Brokerage Needs to Improve Your Consumer Responsiveness
Sometimes Zillow Group does something that aggravates the industry…

WAV Group Report – November 2018 Issue 2

Three Ways to Defend Against Losing Customers from MLS of Choice
Real estate is a servce business…

WAV Group Report – November 2018 Issue 1

Brokers Need to Shift Strategy Immediately 
The October financial numbers have come in and it is not pretty…

WAV Group Report – October 2018 Issue 5

We Need a “Common App” for Data Feed Approvals
Sometimes, we just make it too hard to do business in real estate…

WAV Group Report – October 2018 Issue 4

MLS Improvement Requires Broker Support
There is a progressive MLS leadership group that is fighting on behalf of brokers to make dramatic improvements…

WAV Group Report – October 2018 Issue 3

YES-MLS Merger Displays Visionary Leadership
WAV Group operates like the mechanical middle of a Rubik’s Cube…

WAV Group Report – October 2018 Issue 2

How The FBI Foiled A Wire Transfer Scam
Wire transfer scams continue to plague the real estate industry…

WAV Group Report – October 2018 Issue 1

My Florida Regional MLS Expands Services to Puerto Rico
There have been a ton of exciting mergers lately including the MLSLI/HGMLS merger, but this one…

WAV Group Report – September 2018 Issue 4

MLSLI and Hudson Gateway MLS Merge
I am so excited to share some exciting merger news with you! MLSLI…

WAV Group Report – September 2018 Issue 3

MLS Fair Input Guidelines
Mitch Skinner, of the law firm, Larson Skinner did a wonderful post on theri website that drated a framework…

WAV Group Report – September 2018 Issue 2

5 Reasons Why MLSs Should Dump Listing Syndication as a Service
There is little doubt about the value that an MLS provides to brokers through the IDX and VOW services it offers…

WAV Group Report – September 2018 Issue 1

Takeaways from the first NAR iOi: Innovation Opportunity & Investment Summit
Eric Forsman, Vice President of Technology Services of the Florida Realtors, echoed what I was thinking…

WAV Group Report – August 2018 Issue 4

Compass is Really a Branding Agency For Agents
In the media, you hear that Compass is a traditional brokerage driven by incredible technology that gives their agents…

WAV Group Report – August 2018 Issue 3

CRMS Innovate with Coaching Integration
Customer Relationship Management platforms are going through a massive revolution today…

WAV Group Report – August 2018 Issue 2

A New Battle Cry: I Want My BPP!
Did you read John Mosey, Broker Public Portal Chairman and head of NorthstarMLS, article in the latest issue of real estate magazine?

WAV Group Report – July 2018 Issue 5

Moxiworks Refutes Compass’ Claims Regarding Technology and Market Share
Wow, just saw this and just HAD to comment…

WAV Group Report – July 2018 Issue 4

The Best Inman Connect Moments
Flying back to Seattle from San Francisco gave me a couple of hours to reflect on Inman Connect SF…

WAV Group Report – July 2018 Issue 3

Making the Market Work: 3 Ways to Continue to Spread the Word
IT’s been a little over a year since the Council of MLS rolled out the 1000watt created “Making the Market Work” branding campaign…

WAV Group Report – July 2018 Issue 2

GDPR is Not Alone, Personal Data Protection Laws Hit the U.S.
Consumer data protecton continues to be a focus for governments after the latest round of data breaches…

WAV Group Report – July 2018 Issue 1

Chicagoland’s MRED Marketing Campaign Makes Homesnap Soar
When the real estate industry brokerage leaders and Multiple Listing Service leaders gathered to reimagine a better national…

WAV Group Report – June 2018 Issue 4

Broker Public Portal is the #2 MLS Consumer-Facing Website
The Broker Public Portal with Homesnap comtinues to take the industry by storm…

WAV Group Report – June 2018 Issue 3

NAREE Conferences Continue to Break New Ground
WAV Group attended the NAREE conference for the fifith consecutive year…

WAV Group Report – June 2018 Issue 2

How Do the Top 20 Sites Manage Digital Search Advertising?
At WAV Group, we like to look under the hood at what the top property search sites in America are doing…

WAV Group Report – September 2017 Issue 1

Looking for Job Security? Brokers are Looking for THIS!
By far, an IDX feed is the most heavily used broker tool offered by MLSs today…

WAV Group Report – June 2018 Issue 1

5 Key Takeaways in Preparation for the DOJ/FTC Workshop
When Daniel Castro from the Internet Technology and Innovation Foundation took the stage at Inman…

WAV Group Report – May 2018 Issue 5

Hilton Head MLS – Leading RESO Adoption
The Hilton Head MLS is small, but mighty…

WAV Group Report – May 2018 Issue 4

You Can Beat the National Portals With This Strategy Today
Imagine a world where every real estate agent, broker and franchise in the nation promoted…

WAV Group Report – May 2018 Issue 3

NAR Midyear: Looking for the Tech Enablers
Tech eablers. That’s what I will be looking for at the REALTORS(R) Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo…

WAV Group Report – May 2018 Issue 2

Broker Public Portal Update: Q1 2018
Following the phenomenal growth experienced in 2017, Broker Public Portal with Homesnap is anticipating..

WAV Group Report – May 2018 Issue 2

Broker Public Portal Adds Four New Members to Board
Redfin. KW. Keyes. Metrolist…

WAV Group Report – April 2018 Issue 2

RESO Is Lighting Up $1 Billion In Savings For The Real Estate Industry
Homes.com recently put RESO Standards to the test…

WAV Group Report – April 2018 Issue 1

How Europe’s New Personal Data Rule Impacts Real Estate
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance crisscrosses every business in the real estate industry…

WAV Group Report – March 2018 Issue 2

A Tech View on Consolidation
Consolidation of Associations and/or Multiple Listing Systems at any level has its pros and cons…

WAV Group Report – March 2018 Issue 1

Upstream Fixes Many Problems, Not Just One
As a leading consulting firm, WAV Group operates deeply inside the complex technology stacks of MLSs…

WAV Group Report – February 2018 Issue 2

WAV Group Report – Emerging Data Solutions in Real Estate
WAV Group is excited to contribute this report on the Emerging Data Solutions in Real Estate…

WAV Group Report – February 2018 Issue 1

MoxiWorks to deliver LeadingRE Cloud Data Services Ahead of Big Franchises
In an announcement made to their membership, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World…

WAV Group Report – January 2018 Issue 2

Broker Public Portal with Homesnap Grows Over 150% in First Year
Broker Public Portal, since its launch with Homesnap in January last year, has grown from serving…

WAV Group Report – January 2018 Issue 1

What Real Estate Needs to Know About Cryptocurency Like Bitcoin
As a real estate broker or MLS executive who is reading headlines…

WAV Group Report – December 2017 Issue 1

Results From Real Estate’s First Hyperlocal Survey
WAV Group and other consumer research have consistently shown that buyers want neighborhood…

WAV Group Report – November 2017 Issue 2

Consolidation: What PR Tactics Can Help?
2019 could very well be the ‘Year of Consolidation’ in the MLS Industry…

WAV Group Report – November 2017 Issue 1

Hits and Misses from NAR Chicago
Chicago is a baseball town. Even with the Cubs disappointingly not returning to the World Series this year…

WAV Group Report – October 2017 Issue 2

Managing PR Risks Throughout Consolidation
The MLS industry faces rapid consolidation within the next few years…

WAV Group Report – October 2017 Issue 1

Learn from David Charron: How to Create a Successful Consolidation
MLSs have a great opportunity to significantly improve the relevance and marketing power…

WAV Group Report – September 2017 Issue 2

Redfin Offers Method to Modernize IDX
“Let’s modernize IDX by linking to the listing broker!”…

WAV Group Report – September 2017 Issue 1

Looking for Job Security? Brokers are Looking for THIS!
By far, an IDX feed is the most heavily used broker tool offered by MLSs today…

WAV Group Report – August 2017 Issue 2

Data is Power and You Have the Power Brokers!
The smart money is on brokers who figure out how to differentiate themselves online by leveraging MLS data in new and exicting ways…

WAV Group Report – August 2017 Issue 1

Imprev Hosts Stellar Learning Labs at Inman Connect SF
One of the greatest innovations that Brad Inman added to Inman Connect in recent years is a hidden treasure…

WAV Group Report – July 2017 Issue 1

BROKERS – How RESO Will Help You Become a GREAT Competitor Online
Brokers, even those that invest significant money in their online presence struggle to engage…

Newsletter June 2017 Issue 2

WAV Group Report – June 2017 Issue 2

Zillow is a Broker – So What?
“Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, NRT, Redfin – all brokers. Do brokers drop out of IDX because they are selling homes in their market?…

Newsletter June 2017 Issue 1

WAV Group Report – June 2017 Issue 1

NAREE Denver Conference Destined to Dazzle
Even when it comes to working with reporters who cover our industry, the real estate business is unique…


WAV Group Report – May 2017 Issue 2

Highlights and Lowlights at NAR Midyear
The REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo is a mouthful, so we all just call it NAR Midyear…


WAV Group Report – May 2017 Issue 1

The Industry Has Risen
I had a feeling during the recession that the pillars that held our industry in trust had cracked…


WAV Group Report – April 2017 Issue 2

Brokers Can Now Freely Use This Old House Video for Website Content
WAV Group will be hosting a free informational webinar next Tuesday…


WAV Group Report – April 2017 Issue 1

Homesnap Now Available To Over 500,000 Agents
Homesnap, which is the public face of the Broker Public Portal (BPP), has surged past the 500,000 agent mark…


WAV Group Report – March 2017 Issue 2

Effective Ways to Generate Seller Leads
As a consulting firm, WAV Group has a full bag of executional tricks for firms to consider when they are setting strategy…


WAV Group Report – March 2017 Issue 1

MFRMLS Launches New Consumer Website
My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) is one of the five largest MLS companies in America with more than 50,000 subscribers serving the central Florida region, including major US cities of Orlando and Tampa…


WAV Group Report – February 2017 Issue 2

Brokers and MLSs Get Paid To Display This Old House Content
In a press release today, Prem Luthra of Elm Street Technology unveiled his latest venture, a partnership with This Old House…


WAV Group Report – January 2017 Issue 1

RESO Standards Adoption Report
The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) has driven the most important data solution for real estate brokers over the past year…


WAV Group Report – December 2016 Issue 89

What Is Ahead for Consolidation, RESO, Upstream and Broker Portal?
2016 has been a great year for real estate. On many levels, we see the entire industry rethinking…


WAV Group Report – November 2016 Issue 88

To Zap Or Not To Zap
That is the question for many brokers today who are part of the Realogy® Franchise Group…


WAV Group Report – October 2016 Issue 87

Aculist Edge for Brokers – Big Data, MLS Powered
There are a few companies that have developed analytic and business intelligence tools for real estate…


WAV Group Report – September 2016 Issue 86

Is Data Sharing Still a Viable Option?
The world we operate in is getting smaller and more connected every day…


WAV Group Report – August 2016 Issue 85

Zillow Group Buys Bridge to Go Upstream
Zillow Group announced the purchase of Bridge Interactive, making them the provider of listing input in a number of MLSs, and the data distribution manager in many others…


WAV Group Report – July 2016 Issue 84

Will Zillow Win The MLS Data Aggregation Wars
A new war over data management has broken out among America’s largest technology firms, and no clear winner is in sight…


WAV Group Report – June 2016 Issue 83

Broker with 357 Listings Gets No Leads From Trulia Last Week
WAV Group provides brokers with consulting on online marketing…


WAV Group Report – May 2016 Issue 82

Broker Public Portal Reveals Partnership and Plan
It is with much excitement that I would like to announce some major news for the Broker Public Portal project!…


WAV Group Report – April 2016 Issue 81

What the Real Estate Industry Could Learn from FIRST Robotics?
Robots are cool…


WAV Group Report – March 2016 Issue 80

Digital Dawn: Amazon is creating the smart house for the rest of us
Late Christmas morning, after the presents were opened, the wrapping discarded and breakfast consumed, my wife sent a text to her real best friend Paige that read, “I have a new best friend!”…


WAV Group Report – February 2016 Issue 79

California Regionals Breaking Ranks
February is the month of love, but in the case of California Regional MLSs, it may be the month of divorce…


WAV Group Report – January 2016 Issue 78

Do you have a PR plan for 2016?
Public relations may be one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood tools in the average real estate brokerage’s marketing arsenal…


WAV Group Report – December 2015 Issue 77

Pacific Union International seeks Vice President, Business & Digital Intelligence
WAV Group is leading an effort to help Pacific Union International (PUI) find a Vice President, Business & Digital Intelligence (VPBDI)…


WAV Group Report – November 2015 Issue 76

WAV Group has just published a case study examining enterprise-level transaction management systems
WAV Group Consulting works with real estate brokerages to perfect back office enterprise business…


WAV Group Report – October 2015 Issue 75

Upstream Agent Record
Many assume that Upstream is only about listings…


WAV Group Report – September 2015 Issue 74

A TRULY Broker-Centric MLS – What a Concept!
The now infamous GRIPE List issued by Craig Cheatham back in 2013 has led to a plethora of new ideas and initiatives…


WAV Group Report – August 2015 Issue 73

DotLoop and Zillow
As far as I know, DotLoop customers were happy enough with the product and service until the announcement that the company was being purchased by Zillow…


WAV Group Report – July 2015 Issue 72

Is Zillow a Great Broker?

Zillow is not a broker. Well, technically they are registered as a brokerage in many states and hold brokerage licenses, but they do not market themselves as a brokerage…


WAV Group Report – June 2015 Issue 71

Trulia in the Zillow Era

As an analyst for many brokerages, franchises, and MLSs, WAV Group looks carefully at reports from publishers to understand dynamics that can be leveraged to enhance performance…


WAV Group Report – May 2015 Issue 70

Project Upstream Revealed

For a few years now, industry leaders have been working together to address data problems, producing almost two years ago a solution concept called “Upstream.”…


WAV Group Report – April 2015 Issue 69

Enabling an Ecosystem of Innovation for Real Estate

The MLS technology model has been relatively flat-footed for some time now…


WAV Group Report – March 2015 Issue 68

The Powerful Magic of Telling Your Story via Video

Sometimes your children really can teach you meaningful things about how to be more successful in your life…


WAV Group Report – February 2015 Issue 67

Do you love what you do?
It’s been a whirlwind past few weeks with Inman Connect and Leading RE and everything in between…


WAV Group Report – January 2015 Issue 66

REALTORS Federal Credit Union Update
At the New Orleans National Association of REALTORS Convention in Expo, I had the chance to catch up with Chief Executive Wes Wiggins of JTHS REALTORS in the great State of Florida…


WAV Group Report – December 2014 Issue 65

Help us Prioritize the Best Ways for IDX feeds to work Harder for Brokers
I have to tell you that every time I think about the MLS Policy Meeting at this year’s NAR Conference in New Orleans, it puts a big smile on my face…


WAV Group Report – November 2014 Issue 64

REALTOR(R) Productivity is stronger than expected
The world is looking up in real estate…


WAV Group Report – October 2014 Issue 63

IDX Policies Proposed to Go More Broker-Friendly

I am proud to say that WAV Group has been working with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World to create a set of recommendations for ways to improve and update IDX policy…


WAV Group Report – September 2014 Issue 62

Real estate industry veteran to lead WAV Group Communications

Real estate industry communications and marketing veteran Kevin Hawkins has been named President of WAV Group Communications, the newest division of the real estate industry’s leading consulting firm, WAV Group…


WAV Group Report – August 2014 Issue 61

Who Syndicated My Listings?

We have learned over the last half-decade of doing listing syndication that it is complicated, especially for firms that have multiple offices, multiple associations, multiple MLSs, and possibly a franchise or network…


WAV Group Report – July 2014 Issue 60

Can you Trust Your Digital Signatures? Top 8 Ways to Know for Sure
It’s not always easy to sort out what those tools are, however…


WAV Group Report – June 2014 Issue 59

Euro Net Privacy Calls Brokers to Action Standards
I have often been heard shouting about consumer privacy in real estate…


WAV Group Report – May 2014 Issue 58

WAV Group Report on Video Marketing – Becoming Mainstream
With all the marketing tools at your disposable, what should you use to stand out from the competition?…


WAV Group Report – April 2014 Issue 57

Broker Technology Adoption and Satisfaction Study
WAV Group partner Victor Lund is pleased to release the results of our recent survey to measure what technologies brokers have adopted and how satisfied they are with each…


WAV Group Report – March 2014 Issue 56

A Potential New Role for the MLS
The home buying process and obtaining a mortgage are inextricably linked…


WAV Group Report – February 2014 Issue 55

Invitation to Participate in the 2014 WAV Group Broker Technology Adoption Survey
As real estate agents and brokers strive to develop process to improve every area of their trade, technology supports them…


WAV Group Report – January 2014 Issue 54

Agent Responsiveness Study Reveals Critical Flaws in Real Estate Lead Response
A new whitepaper reveals that failure to respond to leads in a timely manner is a major problem for many real estate professionals…


WAV Group Report – December 2013 Issue 53

WAV Group 2013 MLS Technology Survey Report
It is our pleasure to share the results of the WAV Group 2013 MLS Technology Survey report with you…


WAV Group Report – October 2013 Issue 52

Is Too Much Agent- Centricity at the Heart of the Industry Dysfunction?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post called the “Challenge for Positive Change” that highlighted many of the relationship dysfunctions we are experiencing in the industry today…


WAV Group Report – September 2013 Issue 51

Advertising in an Association Owned MLS Webinar- Don’t Miss This!
Join WAV Group for an informational webinar on advertising in an Association owned MLS!…


WAV Group Report – August 2013 Issue 50

Call for 2013 MLS Technology Survey Participants
WAV Group will be fielding the third annual WAV Group MLS Technology survey in September. We are inviting all MLSs to take part…

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