Are Lockboxes the Industry’s next Trouble Spot?

In 2023, we asked over 250,000 agents and brokers how interested they would be in statewide lockbox access where they hold a license.  Nearly ¾ of respondents (72%) across multiple markets want statewide lockbox access. 

Is it time to trim the punitive tone off Compliance Communications?

MLS executives deeply understand the critical role compliance plays in maintaining data accuracy and integrity within their systems. Through the hundreds of thousands of subscribers we have surveyed via the WAV Group Customer Experience Index, we have noticed a correlation between the severity of the tone of compliance communications and overall MLS satisfaction.  The way that an MLS communicates compliance issues to its members can significantly impact their perception of the organization and the strength of their collaborative relationship. Finding the right balance between creating a sense of urgency and duty, and angering or frustrating subscribers is a very difficult line to draw. 

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Enhancing Real Estate Sales: The Crucial Role of Technology Training

I think we can all agree at this point that keeping up with technological advancements is no longer a choice but a necessity for success. However, amid the excitement of embracing new technologies, the practical application often gets overlooked. This oversight can hinder agents from leveraging technology to its full potential, especially when it comes to optimizing the sales process.

Building Bridges: The Case for Statewide Standardized MLS Rules

Real estate agents and brokers are no strangers to the challenges posed by multiple listing service (MLS) systems operating across different regions. This was highlighted in recent results from the WAV Group Customer Experience Index survey, which revealed agents’ and brokers’ desire for consistency in rules and regulations across all MLS systems statewide.

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How does an MLS with non-REALTOR subscribers address the Code of Ethics?

According to a recent NAR study, 38% of all MLSs offer non-REALTOR subscriptions and 61% of larger MLSs have taken this step. The multiple listing service (MLS) plays a crucial role in facilitating property transactions. However, a common concern arises when MLS includes non-REALTOR subscribers: how are the principles of the REALTOR®  Code of Ethics upheld in such instances? Since non-REALTORS are not obligated to adhere to the code of ethics like REALTORS are, how do MLS entities ensure ethical standards are maintained across the board?

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Rethinking the MLS as a Monopoly

For decades, Multiple Listing Services (MLS) have been perceived as monopolizing specific geographic areas and agent networks. They've been seen as an exclusive resource for accessing comprehensive property listings and facilitating transactions. However, recent insights from the WAV Group Customer Experience Index have shed light on a surprising statistic: 29% of agents belong to more than one MLS. This revelation challenges the notion of MLS as monopolistic entities and emphasizes the importance of reevaluating their value proposition and fostering collaboration among organizations to better serve the real estate community.

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Why is a non-REALTOR MLS subscription something that needs to be examined?

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, recent legal battles and settlements have shed light on the significance of examining non-REALTOR MLS subscriptions. We discussed this topic recently in our webinar 350,000 agents don’t have to be REALTORS® anymore - Is your MLS ready? While much is still undetermined from the recent settlement, there is a  key takeaway – a notable shift in the landscape concerning NAR (National Association of Realtors) membership requirements. Specifically, recent settlements, including one with Keller Williams, have highlighted that brokerages representing a staggering 550,000 agents are either unable or unwilling to mandate NAR membership or the associated three-way agreement.

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AI is a vital part of CoreLogic’s new Clareity Assure security platform for MLSs

Today, CoreLogic launched a vital and timely new security platform – Clareity Assure – now available to integrate as a front door to all MLS systems regardless of vendor. It is precisely the kind of protection MLSs need and must have in place. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for its adaptive authentication protection. It can identify suspicious activity and, most importantly, selectively deploy multi-factor authentication. By monitoring login activity in real time, it can automatically detect when login exceeds an acceptable risk threshold. Last year was a wakeup call for MLSs and security. The timing by CoreLogic could not [...]

Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® Welcomes Saul Klein as CEO and Director of the San Diego Multiple Listing Service (SDMLS)

He’s B-A-A-A-C-K! Saul Klein, a real estate technology visionary has stepped in to lead his local MLS in San Diego as its new CEO. Saul has helped drive adoption and engagement with real estate technologies for about 40 years starting the ePro technology training program, running one of the most well-trafficked MLS forums for years and has continued to contribute to MLS policy and programs throughout his career.

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MLSs truly ARE Business Generation Partners to their Subscribers.

Always love to share quantitative data that proves that MLSs truly help dial up business opportunities for their customers., an MLS that takes its job of generating views, leads and listing exposure very seriously, is a great example!

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Ben does it again: The world’s most productive agent invents SpecDeck for homebuilders

For almost a decade, we've been working with Ben Caballero, the No. 1-ranked real estate agent in the US since 2013 by RealTrends/HousingWire. If you haven't met Ben, he is one of the hardest-working people in real estate. He also possesses one of the sharpest, most innovative minds. It will come as no surprise to people who follow Ben that he did it again last week. No, Ben didn’t announce a new record-breaking sales record. He's done that multiple times as the first agent to eclipse $1 billion, then $2 billion (several times), and finally $3 billion in sales in [...]


Council of MLS elects two progressive, emerging MLS leaders to their Board of Directors Congrats to Justin Haag and Chris Haran, two of my absolute favorites to the Council of MLS Board of Directors! I am confident Justin Haag, soon to be the new CEO of Northwest MLS in Seattle and a leader in advocacy and promotion of Buyer’s Agency along with Chris Haran, one of the best and brightest technology strategists and visionary in the industry are going to be terrific additions to the leadership team of CMLS. 

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