MLS Consumer-Facing Lead Generating Websites

What is the role of the MLS to run consumer facing, lead generating real estate websites?  This has been a question that the industry has struggled with since the beginning of the internet search era. For many years, many brokers were not in support of MLS consumer websites because they felt they were competitive with their own online efforts. The classic mantra was “don’t level the playing field.”  

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How do you get your agents to fall in love with the technology you provide?

Just knowing how to use the technology is not enough to cement agent adoption of the tool. They need to understand the bottom line: How is this technology going to make me more money? If they don’t see and experience the benefits of the tool early on, then it really does not matter how easy it is to use or how efficiently they interact with it.

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RealMLS’ Division Metro Market Trends Hires New General Manager

RealMLS in Jacksonville, Florida has diversified its revenue generation opportunities by operating a Market Stats division that serves not only residential real estate, but the entire real estate ecosystem. They have leveraged their MLS data expertise into an entirely new business. Today, the company is announcing their new General Manager to run their Metro Market Trends division, Jennifer Tossavainen.

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Zillow Earnings Call: The Super App and Commission Revenue

The theme for the call was fairly simple, Zillow’s Super App. Zillow proceeded to talk about all of the investments, development, and ‘awesomeness’ that their Super App is going to be. It sounds like it will not be much more than a few enhancements that give home shoppers some nice features – 3-D tours (like Matterport), financing options (grow Zillow Mortgage), and adding services like ShowingTime.

The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Perspective to Measure Your Greatness

If I told you I could run a 40-yard dash in only 20 seconds, you might think that is amazing, unless you knew that professional athletes run it in more like 4 seconds. The point is that simply measuring your performance without a standard can warp your perspective. But what is the standard that you SHOULD use to measure your aptitude?

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Don’t Let the Flow of Data Overwhelm Your MLS

There are three key challenges facing MLSs today that all organizations must address, regardless of their size or geographic boundaries. The first is market complexity. Just ask any brokerage that has tried to integrate a new MLS data feed into their existing tech stack. When data fields and policies don’t line up exactly, that can create a bottleneck in the flow of data.

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Getting a Customer-First Mindset for Your MLS

Clootrack surveyed over 102 customer experience experts in a recent study that looked at the importance of the customer experience as a key differentiator for successful businesses. The second biggest challenge these experts pointed to, for organizations improving the customer experience, was this idea of a customer-first mindset.

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The Future Role of the Photographer in MLS Listings

The focus of the multiple listing service companies across America has been on the proper licensing of photography. The person taking the media – either photo or video - owns it unless you have an agreement otherwise. They license the media for a specific use. When it is contributed to the MLS compilation, the MLS requires a limited, perpetual license for MLS purposes.

Have you mapped your customer’s entire journey?

If you want to improve your MLS customer’s experience, one of the first critical steps is mapping out the entire customer journey.  From awareness, to purchase, to onboarding to active involvement, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of customer touchpoints that influence the customer experience and your customer’s perception of your organization.

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MLS PIN names Coldwell Banker veteran Erminio Grasso as new CEO

MLSPIN, one of the largest and best run MLSs in the country made the smart step to hire a broker executive to take the reins from Kathy Condin after her celebrated 44 year career! With Erminio Grasso’s depth of experience running highly successful brokerages, he brings a whole new dimension to MLS leadership.

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4 WAV Group Executives Named to RISMedia 2022 Real Estate Newsmaker List

Managing Partners Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund  are joined by WAV Group Communications President, Kevin Hawkins and PR and Communication Strategist, Myra Jolivet in this year’s exclusive group of industry leaders who have made newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry.