MLS Touch Mobile App from CoreLogic Hits 1 Million Subscriber Milestone

There are lots of great features in MLS Touch, but the two that separate the application from others in the marketplace are integration with the client portals in MLSs, along with being parcel centric.

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The MLS IS the most powerful source of business generation

Generating leads and identifying more serious buyers can be a very expensive proposition. The MLS system itself - featuring a myriad of ways to share and promote properties - is arguably the best business generation source.

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Black Knight Appoints Lucie Fortier As Executive Vice President Of Mls Solutions Group

Congrats to Black Knight for hiring Lucie Fortier as EVP of the MLS Solutions Group. Lucie has had a highly successful career architecting MLS solutions. Welcome back to the MLS team Lucie! 

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Computer vision is revolutionizing MLSs: The appraisal industry is next

I spent a large part of my career in the mortgage business - long before computer vision was a thing. I was a VP at one of the largest nationwide retail lenders (Great Western), a Fannie Mae Director both in public affairs and later as head of the Seattle Partnership office, and finally, a mortgage loan officer for over eight years with the largest lenders (Countrywide, Wells Fargo and Chase) in the country at the time. These combined experiences give me a unique vantage point of looking at this industry from a 35,000 foot level and the surface as a [...]

MIAMI Realtors – Parcel Centric Services Are Table Stakes for Every Real Estate App

MIAMI Association of Realtors® added their voice to the choir of MLSs who are launching parcel centric applications to empower the agent-client experience.

CRMLS Makes Move to Become Property-Centric MLS

California Regional MLS(CRMLS) announced that it is making an aggressive move to become a property-centric MLS by forming a comprehensive partnership with Local Logic, Traditionally, MLS technologies have focused mainly on active, pending and recently sold properties. For agents to be successful today however, they need to be able to provide much broader real estate intelligence to their prospects and clients. Consumers are turning to agents for education on every element of a neighborhood, market and region.  They’re looking for advice and counsel on everything from the proximity of power lines to family-friendliness and a whole bunch more. and New Mexico MLS Ink Data Share Deal has inked a deal with New Mexico MLS to share some of the data available between two neighboring western states. The release also says that NMMLS will eventually be able to offer some of the technologies to their subscribers as well. As more and more MLS data comes together, it provides brokers the opportunity to save money on multiple MLS subscriptions. It also simplifies their ability to roll up data from multiple markets.

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New Mexico MLS and Roswell Association of REALTORS MLS Join Together

WAV Group would like to congratulate the New Mexico MLS and the Roswell Association of REALTORS(R) for coming together to expand the listing exposure and lead generation capabilities for New Mexico REALTORS(R). Owned by the New Mexico Association of REALTORS(R), New Mexico MLS was formed to provide professional MLS services to several associations across the state. The combined entity now represents approximately 1150 subscribers and makes it to the second largest MLS in the state. The more ways we can find to collaborate to help brokers succeed, the stronger our industry becomes!  

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NNRMLS study reveals that properties promoted on the MLS sell for more than off-MLS homes on average.

On average, a listing on the multiple listing service yielded a 17% premium in sales price over similar properties sold off-MLS independent of other variables. For a typical home, this resulted in a $55,250 increase in sales price. This study is consistent with studies conducted in other markets as well. It makes sense that a property promoted by hundreds of IDX feeds enabled by the Multiple Listing Service, plus the exposure to the most qualified network of industry professionals in the local MLS region would generate the most buyer interest.

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Maine Listings Names Denise Libby as Their New Chief Executive Officer

The Search Committee for Maine Listings went through an exhaustive search and due diligence process to identify several qualified candidates. Ultimately, they chose Denise Libby, the organization’s current Chief Operating Officer to take the organization to its next level of growth and relevance.  Maine Listings is one of the most highly rated MLSs in the country according, to the WAV Group Customer Experience Index. Denise is perfectly suited to build on all the great work that has been implemented to date. 

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Town Hall Meetings Can Help Your Customers Know That Your MLS is Headed in the Right Direction

Organizational success is heavily reliant on the satisfaction of its customers. The local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) plays a pivotal role in creating a business-friendly environment that enables agents and brokers to maximize the potential of their businesses. However, the effectiveness of the MLS's efforts to address customer needs is dependent on the clarity of its organizational goals and its ability to communicate them effectively.

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Getting ready to pass the Baton of Leadership – A practical guide to Succession Planning

Succession planning is a crucial aspect of any organization, and the real estate industry is no exception. It is no secret that there is a significant talent gap in the industry with aging boomers who have experience and the up and coming leaders that have not yet had chances to be tested. Those new leaders will bring fresh ideas and renewed energy to your organization, if you nurture them. The BATON framework can help real estate organizations ensure that they have a smooth transition of leadership, and that their business continues to thrive for years to come.

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