Dream Job Alert: NIRA MLS Seeks Director to Elevate Service & Growth

The Northwest Indiana REALTORS® Association Multiple Listing Service is looking for its next progressive Director of MLS to take the 4,000+ subscriber MLS to its next level of prosperity, relevance, and growth. In 2022, NIRA MLS helped facilitate nearly 11,000 transactions representing approximately $3.5 billion in sales volume.

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[WEBINAR] The Future of MLS Customer Satisfaction: The WAV Group Customer Experience Index Report

The real estate industry is challenging and agents today need all the support they can get to keep their businesses successful. That's why it's important to take advantage of tools and resources that can help improve the MLS experience for your subscribers. The WAV Group Customer Experience Index (CXI) Report is one such tool that provides comprehensive insights into customer satisfaction, and it's something that every MLS organization can benefit from. 

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Clear brand messaging and value proposition is important for your MLS

As real estate professionals, your customers understand the value of building brand awareness and communicating their value proposition. As a multiple listing service, you should never take for granted that your customers know you and truly understand all you can offer them. One of the insights the WAV Group Customer Experience Index revealed is that sometimes REALTOR associations that also run an MLS could improve customer satisfaction by more clearly communicating the MLS’s brand and value proposition, separate from the association.

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Why the Top MLSs Invest in Local Insights for Their Websites

Real estate transactions have always been driven by data, and now more than ever, expanded location data has become critical for MLSs trying to improve the consumer home search. In this masterclass, moderated by Marilyn Wilson (Founding Partner, WAV Group), you will gain valuable insights from a panel of industry experts on how offering location insights has become so crucial to the MLS websites.

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Georgia MLS Goes Heavy into Floor Plans

WAV Group met with Richard Boone, CEO and John Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer of Georgia MLS to discuss the strategy of launching floor plan software, and partnering with floor plan technology leader, CubiCasa, as a basic service of the MLS and to learn how agents are adopting the new service.

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Dave Howe to be Chief Executive Officer of MetroList in addition to his role as President.

Congratulations to Dave Howe on his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of MetroList MLS. Dave has been instrumental in enhancing the customer experience at MetroList for many years. He and his team have also established a strong business partnership with brokers in their market, delivering thousands of leads that comply with the Fair Display Guidelines, further strengthening their business generation partnership and brand value for subscribers.

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Secrets of MLS Customer Satisfaction

Trends are a numbers game. The bigger the data set, the better the answers.  That is exactly what the WAV Group Customer Experience Index (CXI) is producing — great answers.  WAV Group has fielded hundreds of surveys over the last two plus decades. As consultants, we have been able to, over the years, garner insights from previous surveys that help inform current clients. However, what the industry was missing was the ability to stack results side-by-side and understand true areas of strength and opportunity, not just in local markets, but for MLS organizations nationally.  But data is only as good [...]

CMLS Announces New Directors for 2023

The Council of MLS has come so far in the past few years under the leadership of Denee Evans.  Congrats to our MLS friends and colleagues who dedicate themselves to work hard to create more progressive action and cohesiveness in the MLS industry. I look forward to the leadership of Jim Yockel as Chair. Jim cares deeply about the MLS industry. His dedication to helping MLS learn how to continually improve the relevance of the service they provide to their brokerages is unparalleled. I am certain that Jim, along with Dionna, Nicole, John and Matt will continue to lead CMLS into a direction that will drive home the value of the MLS, even in the softer market we are entering.

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Connecting Your Technology to Your Members’ Current Pain Points

What is the most important technology, outside the MLS listing database, that you offer to your customers?  The answer is — it depends.  What is important to your customers is having the right technology solution to solve the challenge they are facing right now, and that changes.

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Do Your Subscribers Know What Direction You are Headed?

In the WAV Group Customer Experience Index survey launched this year, we measure subscriber perceptions of where the organization is headed. While most participating MLSs are perceived to be moving more in the right direction than the wrong, there is room to drive home a more clear-cut understanding of the key priorities of the MLS. We find two overall culprits for subscribers who don’t believe their MLS is moving in the right direction. So let’s take a look at the two main hurdles I have seen MLSs struggle with over the years. 

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