Why doesn’t every Realtor have access to Tech Helpline?

The pandemic forced more than a million Realtors nationwide to work remotely and embrace digital technology at a record pace. One leading real estate tech executive told me more progress took place getting agents to adopt technology in the first five months of the outbreak than the last five years.

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Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS® Looking for MLS Director

The Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS® has an opening for an MLS Director responsible for the full operation, supervision, evaluation, delivery and maintenance of all Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and supporting products for this 2,600 plus member professional trade organization.

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Texas REALTORS® Signs Five-Year Contract Renewal with MMSI

Congratulations to Travis Wright, Kinski Moss and the rest of the Texas REALTORS® team for continuing to partner with MMSI to effect positive legislative changes in their state. By creating an efficient method for managing political advocacy and contributions, the staff can focus more on the critical grass roots efforts needed today to ensure that REALTORS® protect the best interest of homeowners.

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Looking to drive home the Super Powers of your MLS? Offer Homesnap Pro AND your own Local Consumer-facing site!

Over $24 billion in Proptech money entered real estate in 2020.  It is clear that many outsiders are looking to take over the real estate industry. To ensure your MLS stays relevant for the long haul, it is important that you provide specific and demonstrable ways to prove why being a part of an MLS makes sense for every real estate professional.

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Placer County Drives Member Engagement with MMSI’s New Omni-Channel Communication Center

As a consultant and long-term marketing and PR professional, I am very passionate about finding ways for Associations and MLSs to find more effective ways to communicate with their customers to engage them and help them take full advantage of the services, training, support and business generation potential.

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Coastal Carolinas AoR makes a great first impression with Online Membership Application

Today, there is NO reason to make your potential new Association member or MLS subscriber use a paper-based application they have to print out, fill out and then fax back, or worse yet, make a potential new customer drop off their application at your office anymore. COVID-19 has changed all of our beliefs about what can be accomplished online and online applications are no exception.

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Cleveland, Dayton, Northwest Ohio MLS Systems Partner to Share Listing Data

Today, three of Ohio’s significant MLSs have announced a reciprocal access agreement. All three are CoreLogic Matrix markets, eliminating the need for agents to learn a different system when they link into the other MLS market. This is a very cost effective way to accomplish many of the goals of data sharing. Kudos to the folks in Ohio that discovered the vision for collaboration that is appropriate for their area.

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MLS NOW Upgrades to MMSI SSO Dashboard and Identity Management to support their Subscribers

MMSI has built an SSO dashboard that provides MLSs with more than one choice for SSO Dashboard services. I also love to see the choice coming from private, family-owned companies that have been dedicated to help organized real estate and the REALTORS® they serve be successful for over 30 years.

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Rental Beast study shows rental industry is bracing for “a multi-million-dollar impact”

Rental Beast held a press conference on Jan. 20th, moderated by Victor Lund, Founding Partner, WAV Group, to discuss the economic impact of a new policy change by Zillow. On Jan. 12, Zillow changed its rental policy and rental listings are no longer free. MLS rental listings are no longer being syndicated directly to Zillow. Instead, agents and brokerages will need to pay $9.99 per week, per listing for each rental property to be published on Zillow. The potential new costs to individual real estate agents, teams, brokerages and MLSs are massive. Ishay Grinberg, Rental Beast Founder and CEO, spoke [...]

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