Swanepoel Trends Report Overview

Each year, I review the Swanepoel Trends Report. It’s a nod of respect for Stefan Swanepoel and the work that he does. His reports deliver exactly what they intend. They provide a few hours of reading that will stimulate you to absorb various perspectives and reflect. I have a full library of the reports and find myself pulling them off the shelf throughout the year for one reason or another. The real estate industry is a living thing that is fundamental to society. Like the history that comes before it, we watch change happen and are influenced by our years [...]

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MMSI Posts Record Sales Quarter for Membership Director

Davidsonville, MD – September 12, 2017 MMSI, makers of Membership Director have announced that the third quarter sales for the company have set a record. In the third quarter of 2017, the company added four major Association of REALTORS® and MLS customers including San Diego Association of REALTORS®, Greater Fairfield MLS(via the SmartMLS merger), Dayton Area Board of REALTORS®, and Maine Listings. In total, the firm reports adding 42,500 active members to the platform this quarter. Membership Director is among the leaders in providing Realtor® Associations and MLSs with software to manage their members. The most important component of association and [...]

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Imprev Study Shows Real Estate Leaders’ Outlook for Housing, Economy Softens for 2017

Who really has the pulse of the U.S., World, State and Local Economies? Those with boots on the ground versus those sitting in Ivory Towers, I’d argue. That’s why I look forward to Imprev’s annual study that examines the confidence that the top real estate broker-owners and executive management at franchises have in the housing market next year. There have been 240 responses this year from leaders who run brokerages that together, are responsible for one of every two home sales transactions in the U.S. It’s the most comprehensive study of real estate industry Thought Leaders, and it has shown [...]

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Property Reports Increase Client Retention For Fox and Roach

Real estate values are constantly changing, challenging agents to provide clients with the most detailed, up-to-date property reports available. While there are many valuation services available, selecting a solution that provides agents with the ability to deliver strategic comprehensive property reports can maintain valuable connections between agents and consumers. To understand how a property valuation service can optimize agents’ long-term relations with their customers, Swanepoel undertook a case study of how Berkshire Hathaway HomeService (BHHS) Fox and Roach successfully implemented ePropertyWatch, a company-branded solution that effectively cultivates a client-for-life strategy. Here is a summary of the Swanepoel T3 Sixty report. [...]

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Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends: 3 Takeaways for Real Estate

One of my favorite research rituals is the annual release by Mary Meeker of her Internet Trends Report, the latest of which was issued on June 1. Meeker was catapulted into the financing world spotlight as the lead manager at Morgan Stanley for Netscape’s IPO in 1995. Later that year, she and Chris DePuy at Morgan published The Internet Trends, and it quickly became the definitive digest of the current state of the Internet, as well as discerning big-picture trends. Meeker would go on to serve as a research analyst for another notable Morgan Stanley IPO in 2004: Google. Today, [...]

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Upstream Revealed

As many of you know, WAV Group has been working with a group of brokers and franchises for more than a year on a project called Upstream. Today, Upstream is a corporation with one of the strongest board of directors in our industry. It has been an honor to work with the board along with the CIOs and CTOs of their corporations to define the Upstream application and talk to enterprise level technology firms who have the capacity to deliver such an enormous solution. Until now, very little information has been shared openly across the industry. Until the company’s governance [...]

Project Upstream Revealed

For a few years now, industry leaders have been working together to address data problems, producing almost two years ago a solution concept called “Upstream.” Not long after that, the WAV Group was asked to consult on the technical side of the development of the project. Our non-disclosure agreement has prevented us from saying much about it. However, now we are very pleased to be allowed finally to share some information about the concept. In an announcement this week, UpstreamRE, LLC, the standalone company that will direct the effort, announced that it is deep into serious negotiations with the National [...]

Revised IDX Rules are Looming for MLSs – New Solution Announced to Help MLSs be Compliant

As you probably know by now, the rules governing IDX were revised at the NAR Meetings in November last year.  Click here to view the details of the approved changes. One of the big changes requires that every MLS provide a Web API by June 30th, 2016 to make it much easier for brokers to allow third party companies to leverage MLS data for tools used by brokers. For the non-techies among us, let me answer the first question….What the heck is an API and why should I care? According to NAR…. API, short for Application Program Interface, describes a [...]

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Real estate leaders share 2015 outlook on housing, economy

Imprev arguably has come to own the real estate “Thought Leader” space with its bi-annual survey now in its third year, largely because it’s not a self-serving exercise. What we get from their latest Thought Leader Survey is a refreshing, unfiltered view from a broad cross-section of the leadership of America’s real estate brokerage and franchise operations, large and small. Collectively, the real estate execs surveyed represent firms and brands that generate about half of all real estate transactions each year. Individually, there’s solid representation among small and large firms: 15% of the respondents have 50 agents or fewer, 18% [...]

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MLSs Need To Focus on the Customer Record

The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) is clearly picking up steam at driving standards across the real estate industry. A pivotal inflection point in the success of standards is the adoption of those standards by MLS service providers and their vendors. One of the vendors who is particularly aggressive at adopting those standards is FBS, developers of FlexMLS and Spark. You can translate “particularly aggressive at adopting standards” to leadership in real estate technology. I will be using FlexMLS to demonstrate my point thought out this article, but to be clear – many MLS Vendors and MLS service providers are [...]

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We’re Losing the Race for Relevance – How to Stem the Tide

Idea #1 - How to Take Credit for the Industry’s Service Quality Every real estate association I have the pleasure of working with is struggling with how to re-invent themselves. Everybody knows it’s a problem at some level, but yet there has been no fundamental change in the focus, governance or scope of associations in several years. Are we just going to sit by and watch the association business go away?  Should it go away?  Has the value of an association run its course? My fundamental belief is that Associations CAN and DO play an important role in the industry, [...]

Greater Alabama MLS Chooses ListTrac for Seller Reports

  Greater Alabama MLS and ListTrac put out a joint press release that you will find below. ListTrac is free, which makes it an attractive product for any MLS. We are keeping a close eye on them to see how it goes. Today, the voice of real estate seems to be the publisher sites - nobody is counting the traffic in the MLS or IDX sites. However, we know from looking at MLS activity, auto-email, MLS consumer website traffic, and, IDX site traffic that - if measured, equates to some significant consumer listing engagement. Under NDA, WAV Group has seen [...]

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