The WAV Group’s 2024 Brokerage Technology Roadmap is a comprehensive guide designed to empower brokerages in maximizing profitability, streamlining operations, and fostering increased agent productivity and consumer engagement. This four-part series provides invaluable insights into leveraging technology effectively within the real estate industry.

Part 2 of the report sheds light on the pivotal role played by the company intranet in driving agent productivity and facilitating product adoption. Building an effective intranet involves careful consideration of various factors, including email integration, single sign-on functionality, and commission payment portals.

Email Integration: Integrating email services into the intranet is paramount for driving adoption among agents. Given that professionals typically start their day with email, seamless integration ensures that the intranet becomes an indispensable tool in their daily workflow.

Single Sign-On: Password management can often be a significant barrier to adoption for agents and staff within enterprise real estate brokerages. With numerous applications requiring individual login credentials, streamlined access is crucial. Implementing single sign-on functionality simplifies the login process, allowing users to access multiple applications seamlessly through a centralized dashboard.

Commission Payment Portal: Agents prioritize access to their income, making it imperative to feature commission-related information prominently within the intranet. Whether displaying past income, pending payments, or 1099 statements, integrating commission management software enables agents to conveniently access and track their earnings. Providing self-service capabilities empowers agents to manage their financial information efficiently.

By addressing these key components within the intranet, brokerages can enhance operational efficiency, promote agent productivity, and ultimately drive business success. The WAV Group’s 2024 Brokerage Technology Roadmap serves as a guiding resource for navigating the complexities of modern real estate technology and harnessing its full potential.

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