The Broker Public Portal (BPP) announced their new CEO, Dan Troup in January 2024. In his first 90 days, Troup organized the company’s business plan, budget, and product strategy. The first hires at the BPP are Director of Engineering and API Architect. It looks like the Broker Public Portal is developing the foundational data architecture and the tools to support the advanced environment that are required to offer an industry owned and operated alternative to the national advertising portals. A national MLS consumer search site that is connected and integrated into all the nation’s MLS partners. More to come!

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The Director of Engineering will oversee all development and lead the engineering team. Click here to view this job on Vendor Alley

The API Architect will see out and execute RESTful APIs based on OData within a server-less cloud architecture. Click here to learn more about this position on Vendor Alley.