MLS Now, an MLS organization serving Ohio and West Virginia, has announced the appointment of a new CEO following the retirement of long-serving executive, Carl DeMusz. After a thorough search process conducted by a committee of the Board of Directors, a finalist has been selected based on his extensive technology background, experience, and security expertise.

Effective Monday, April 8th, Garry Marsoubian will assume the role of CEO at MLS Now, bringing with him a wealth of industry knowledge and leadership acumen. Marsoubian’s tenure coincides with significant changes within the MLS landscape, driven by recent class action litigation settlements. With his proven track record, Marsoubian is poised to navigate these transitions with confidence, supported by John Kurlich, one of the most respected COOs in the MLS industry.

Marsoubian’s previous roles include instrumental contributions at Bright MLS, where he spearheaded the migration of data networks to the cloud and facilitated a successful merger with TrendMLS. Prior to joining MLS Now, Marsoubian served as CEO of Greater Tulsa, further solidifying his expertise in MLS operations.

The appointment of Garry Marsoubian marks an exciting new chapter for MLS Now, and we extend our congratulations to him, the Board of Directors, shareholders, broker participants, and subscribers.

Press Release follows.


Garry Marsoubian Assumes CEO Role at MLS Now

CLEVELAND, OH – April 4th, 2024 – Lenny Lawrence, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of MLS Now, proudly announces the appointment of Garry Marsoubian as the new CEO of MLS Now. With a track record of leadership in esteemed companies within the real estate sector, Marsoubian is poised to drive MLS Now towards pioneering technological advancements aimed at enriching services for its extensive network of over 14,000 real estate professionals spanning Ohio and West Virginia.

Marsoubian brings a wealth of experience, having held executive positions at notable entities such as Greater Tulsa MLS and Bright MLS, the second-largest MLS in the United States. His career is distinguished by his instrumental role in managing mergers of MLS systems and his expertise in developing robust and scalable database solutions for real estate firms and their clientele.

In his new role as CEO of MLS Now, Marsoubian will be responsible for the organization’s strategic vision, partnerships, financials, mergers, product roadmap, and security. His leadership will play a pivotal role in enhancing MLS Now services, ensuring the company continues to provide immense value to shareholders, real estate professionals, brokers, and consumers alike.

Commenting on the appointment, Lenny Lawrence stated, “Garry’s outstanding leadership abilities and his progressive stance on technology position him as the ideal candidate to lead MLS Now into a future marked by innovation, ensuring our real estate professionals have access to cutting-edge tools and resources to best serve homebuying and selling consumers.”

Expressing his enthusiasm, Marsoubian remarked, “MLS Now is renowned for its commitment to excellence and maintains unparalleled satisfaction ratings within the real estate industry. I am eager to collaborate with the shareholders, Board of Directors, staff, and clients to explore new avenues for sustained success, particularly leveraging advancements in enterprise data management, security, and artificial intelligence.”

Marsoubian will assume his role as CEO on April 8th, 2024, and will be relocating from the Washington, DC area to Cleveland, OH.


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