As the real estate industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, brokerages face the challenge of staying competitive in a landscape dominated by well-funded, public search portals and national, technology-driven brokerages.. To help navigate this complex terrain, the WAV Group is releasing its 2024 Brokerage Technology Roadmap, offering invaluable insights for brokerages and their technology partners.

In the inaugural report of this four-part series, we delve into the crucial realm of website technology – a cornerstone of modern real estate operations. Here, we identify four essential components that are instrumental in equipping brokerages to thrive amidst fierce competition:

  1. Parcel-Centric Approach:

   In today’s data-driven world, consumers crave comprehensive information about properties beyond just active listings. A parcel-centric database, encompassing all properties in the area, provides invaluable insights to potential buyers and sellers. Moreover, empowering homeowners to estimate their property’s value prior to listing enhances engagement and can open the door to securing a listing presentation.

  1. MLS VOW Data Aggregation and Publishing Speed:

   The ability to aggregate and publish MLS VOW data swiftly is paramount in attracting and retaining clients. Seamless integration of MLS data across diverse markets remains a challenge because a lack of data standardization.  Brokerages must seek technology partners capable of handling this integration at an enterprise level, to ensure a competitive edge in lead generation.

  1. Elasticsearch for Enhanced Property Search:

   Leveraging advanced search technologies such as Elasticsearch enhances the user experience by expediting property searches for the consumer. With features like autocomplete functionality, Elasticsearch not only streamlines the search process but also guides users swiftly to the desired information. By prioritizing user convenience, brokerages can differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

  1. Website Topology Strategy:

   Adopting a hub-and-spoke model for website connectivity offers numerous advantages for brokerages. The broker website serves as the central hub, providing a cohesive brand identity and centralized control. Meanwhile, co-branded agent websites act as spokes, extending the brokerage’s reach while maintaining consistency in branding and messaging.

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