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Imagine the perception if a potential client learns about these changes from sources other than their trusted agent — it could cast doubt on your credibility and integrity, potentially leading to misunderstandings about commissions.

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Brokers and Their Web Partners: Anticipating Change

In light of impending alterations stemming from the settlement agreement in the anti-trust litigation, updates to broker and agent websites are inevitable.

The 11 Positive Side Effects of Brokerage M&A Stimulates Financial and Operational Growth

WAV Group has had the opportunity to collaborate with many of our clients to discuss the 11 positive side effects of successful M&A, since the publication of our book Acquiring More Profit.

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Unveiling Success: The Crucial Role of Annual Reports for Real Estate Brokerages

An annual report serves as a powerful tool to communicate business achievements, market trends, and future strategies.

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Navigating the 2024 Recession: Balancing Cost-Cutting and Growth Pursuit Strategies

While cutting costs is crucial for immediate survival, strategically pursuing growth can position companies to emerge stronger in the post-recession landscape.

How Does the Offer of Buyer’s Compensation Impact Broker Recruiting?

Know your worth and understand that the percentage of broker dollars is highly impacted by the commission offered by the seller to the listing and buyer’s agent.

Industry Veteran Bondilyn Jolly Joins the WAV Group Executive Team to launch Marketing Agency

WAV Group is expanding its marketing capabilities with the launch of its full service marketing agency, led by Bondilyn Jolly.

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WAV Group Homeowners Under Management White Paper

We see the emergence of homeownership portals happening now. We anticipate that homeownership portals will replace or transform property search portals and real estate CRMs. 

Start with training and education to defend yourself and your organization from phishing scams.

It was a Sunday morning and I was taking a break from doing chores around the house. The house phone rings and my mom (Baby Boomer) picks it up. I can only hear this side of the conversation, but quickly I gathered that it was “DirecTV” on the phone. The call went on for a fairly long time. Finally, when my mom hung up the phone, I asked her who it was. She told me it was DirecTV and they claimed to need to replace some of the equipment for our satellite to provide us with a better signal. The equipment normally costs $1,000, but it would only cost us $300 and after 6 months, we would get the money back. But something did not feel right.