Invitation to Acquiring More Profit: A 9-Part Webinar Series

Don’t miss this comprehensive look at successful real estate brokerage M&A. WAV Group colleagues George Slusser and Victor Lund will be covering each chapter of their new book Acquiring More Profit: The Definitive Guide to Successful Real Estate Brokerage Mergers & Acquisitions, during the 9-part webinar series.  Acquiring More Profit is a collection of the best practices and invaluable insights George and Victor have garnered over decades of M&A work and thousands of brokerage acquisitions. George Slusser, renowned as the foremost expert in real estate M&A today, has completed more successful transactions in this space than anyone else. As the Head of the M&A division at WAV Group, he continues to assist brokerages in finding profitable growth opportunities.

Recruitment Success: Tips for Overcoming Objections with Top Recruiter Pat McFarland

Both brokerage and candidate are aiming for perfect alignment, so expect brokerage recruitment objections from prospective agents.

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Need to Generate More Revenue? 7 Ancillary Services for Real Estate Brokerages

How can brokerages help to push back against shrinking margins and find new areas of profitability in their businesses? If you haven’t yet considered adding one of these ancillary services to your business, then it might be time to ask yourself if it could generate the revenue you’ve been missing.

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The Top Five Questions (With a Few Extras!) Recruiters Should Ask Prospective Agents

Recruiting real estate agents is a crucial task for any brokerage. It's essential to ask the right questions during the interview process.

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Real AI: Green Catch-22, AI Webinar, and The Creator (ugh)

By Kevin Hawkins with Korey Hawkins | Vol. 1 Post 4 Real AI is a 100% human-created weekly roundup of all things AI in real estate and emerging AI innovations in other sectors likely to impact real estate, posting a new edition every Friday. AI and the Green Catch-22 Among the biggest risks that AI faces on its trajectory to impact nearly every aspect of our daily lives before we know it is the Green Catch-22. The paradox: On the positive side, AI has the potential to tackle the environmental impact of humans, from dramatically improving energy efficiency and reducing [...]

Finding new growth opportunities in M&A – Insights from the Acquiring More Profit Webinar

If you missed last week’s Acquiring More Profit webinar with Victor Lund and George Slusser, then you missed a great event. I would like to share some of the insights and takeaways we explored.

Join RISMedia Webinar on Growing Your Business Through M&A: Why the Time is Now

As a respected real estate broker, you understand the importance of strategic growth and maximizing the value of your brokerage. That is why we are delighted to invite you to June’s  RISMedia Broker Webinar Series exclusive webinar, "Growing Your Business Through M&A: Why the Time is Now."

[WEBINAR] The Future of MLS Customer Satisfaction: The WAV Group Customer Experience Index Report

The real estate industry is challenging and agents today need all the support they can get to keep their businesses successful. That's why it's important to take advantage of tools and resources that can help improve the MLS experience for your subscribers. The WAV Group Customer Experience Index (CXI) Report is one such tool that provides comprehensive insights into customer satisfaction, and it's something that every MLS organization can benefit from. 

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[WEBINAR] Marketing Best Practices: A Broker’s Guide to Marketing Smarter, Not Harder

Marketing your brokerage isn’t about better ideas, it’s about better execution!  When done right, marketing can boost awareness for your brand, position your company as the perfect solution for prospective customers, aid in recruitment and retention, and drive leads and sales.  But, the hard truth is that marketing doesn’t always work and there are many common pitfalls that can easily be avoided.

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The Broker’s View of Homeowners Under Management

Last week, the Broker Resource Network hosted a webinar for their members to discuss an emerging topic in real estate called Homeowners Under Management. It is a different perspective on how firms, teams, and agents approach client relationship management, and it marks a sea change in thinking that WAV Group believes is very important for the future of our industry.

TourZazz Makes Showing Solution Free to MLSs

TourZazz listened to exactly what MLSs asked for. TourZazz Makes Showing Solution Free to MLSs. Register now to join tomorrow (Wednesday September 21st @ 10am PST / 1pm EST) – RE Technology is hosting a webinar with TourZazz for MLS executives and staff.

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