Check out the new MLS industry Podcast from Andy Woolley at! is launching a new podcast series talking to the best and brightest in the MLS industry about leading edge strategies, operational approaches and new thinking that results in improved customer satisfaction and long-lasting relevance.

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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Winans Launches iBuyer Platform

iBuyers are not a threat for real estate brokers and their agents; they represent a major business opportunity. That's what Lane Hornung says. He should know as Lane may know more about iBuyers and iBuying than any broker-owner in America.

Don’t Get Left behind! Top 5 Ways to Make 2020 the Year for Your MLS to Re-invent Itself Before It’s Too Late!

MLSs around the country are worried that their software, services or support are not keeping up. How can you stay current when you operate in just one small market and have had the same board members recycling through your organization for years? Here are five ways that the WAVes of Change program have helped MLSs be more successful.

Stop focusing on GCI and start Focusing on Success-Driven Activities

There is a lot of noise in real estate right now – brokerages are worrying about a host of external factors beyond their controls - Compass and its latest set of acquisitions, whispers of a recession, bad weather keeping buyers away from Open Houses etc. While we always have to keep our eye on the industry and economy, it’s more important to keep your eye on something much closer to home that you CAN control that WILL have a REAL impact on your business. Many brokerages closely watch transaction closings and Gross Commission Income (GCI). Both are very important metrics, [...]

Ben Caballero Becomes the World’s First $2 Billion Realtor

When Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams, presented Ben Caballero with the coveted Pinnacle Award for Real Estate Entrepreneurship five years ago, his comments were prophetic. Looking at Ben in front of a sea of KW agents at their Mega Camp event in Austin, Texas, Gary Keller explained the award. "Keller Williams a few years ago decided a few years ago," Keller said, "that if no one else was going to try and identify and acknowledge and respect the top real estate agents in the industry – not in Keller Williams but in the industry. That if no one else [...]

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Marilyn Wilson to Moderate SmartZip Webinar

Join RETechnology and SmartZip for an upcoming webinar and hear from a panel of leading industry experts as they discuss top strategies to grow your real estate business in 2019.

CoreLogic Selected As Upstream Vendor

Upstream continues to pursue its goal to make it easier for brokers to manage the collection and distribution of their data used for their internal systems and external technology partners. After severing ties with RPR a few months ago, Upstream has announced its new development partner Corelogic.  Corelogic will leverage Trestle(TM), its RESO Platinum-certified data platform to deliver services to brokers and their technology service providers.

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Format for Writing Agent Bios

WAV Group has written a lot about agent profiles, and usually with scorn. There is nothing that demonstrates a lack of professionalism than a profile with a grey cut out instead of a professional photo, or an empty bio page. In some small way, I hope that this quick article will stimulate a few more brokers, teams (groups), and agents to rekindle the professional flame and update headshots and bios now.

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Inside Real Estate Experiences Explosive Growth in 2018

Inside Real Estate, a leading national developer of enterprise cloud software solutions in real estate today announced that the company has experienced rapid growth in both revenue and customer adoption, garnering 150,000 users to their platform in 2018. With YoY growth at 300+% in both customer base and revenue, Inside Real Estate is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the industry. 

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