Today, CoreLogic launched a vital and timely new security platform – Clareity Assure – now available to integrate as a front door to all MLS systems regardless of vendor.

It is precisely the kind of protection MLSs need and must have in place. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for its adaptive authentication protection. It can identify suspicious activity and, most importantly, selectively deploy multi-factor authentication. By monitoring login activity in real time, it can automatically detect when login exceeds an acceptable risk threshold.

Last year was a wakeup call for MLSs and security. The timing by CoreLogic could not be better.

Cyberattacks are surging, and not just in real estate. According to a new report by MIT Professor Stuart Madnick, there were more ransomware attached in the first nine months of 2023 than in all of 2022.

The report notes that “ransomware attacks increased to levels never seen before while also becoming more sophisticated and aggressive. Hackers are becoming more organized, often through ransomware gangs. Their attacks are also more threatening and more likely to target organizations with sensitive data…”

In the current ransomware crosshairs is the real estate industry: news reports have documented major disruptions for over 100 MLSs, title companies, home builders, and more. No sector in real estate is immune, and preparation is the key.

Clariety, purchased by CoreLogic in 2017, has been the gold standard in real estate security for decades. Leveraging the power of AI, CoreLogic is offering one of the best ways MLSs can protect themselves from the growing and more sophisticated aggressions of bad actors.

By using one of the newest and most advanced ways to instantly deter unauthorized users, bots and deceptive login attempts, MLSs can protect their members/subscribers and their clients by preserving the integrity of their MLS systems and data.

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CoreLogic Unveils Clareity Assure for Advanced MLS Security featuring Adaptive Authentication

Clareity Assure helps protect real estate agent and client data

IRVINE, Calif., January 10, 2024 — CoreLogic announced today a new offering to its Clareity security solutions for Multiple Listing Services by launching Clareity Assure™, now available to all MLSs. The new, advanced security platform features adaptive authentication and leverages multi-factor authentication to offer MLSs a highly fortified defense to protect its data and infrastructure against escalating cyber threats.

Clareity Assure uses adaptive authentication with built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify suspicious activity and selectively deploys multi-factor authentication when a login risk level exceeds an acceptable risk threshold. This offers MLSs one of the newest and most advanced ways to deter unauthorized users, bots and deceptive login attempts in real time. By preserving the integrity of MLS systems and data, Clareity Assure also protects real estate professionals and their clients.Shaleen Khatod CoreLogic

“Security is one of the top issues on the minds of every MLS leader today,” said Shaleen Khatod, Executive, Enterprise Strategy & Initiatives for CoreLogic. “CoreLogic is re-writing the MLS defense book for safeguarding MLS systems and data against threats like ransomware and cyber-attacks. This includes Clareity Assure adaptive authentication meticulously analyzing user behavior patterns. It can identify and stop bad actors while ensuring authorized users get the safe, secure and frictionless access they need.”

Because CoreLogic’s Clareity Assure security solution is already integrated into more than one thousand of the most common software tools used by real estate agents, the onboarding process for MLSs to add Clareity Assure with its Single Sign On (SSO) Dashboard can be done quickly and hassle-free. The security platform is available to all MLSs, regardless of if they use Clareity’s SSO Dashboard.

“Clareity Assure provides MLS leaders and their subscribers peace of mind that their systems are resilient against existing and evolving threats,” said Khatod, adding, “Clareity Assure is an essential part of a comprehensive security strategy, providing the highest level of security to safeguard the data and applications that drive their business.”

The number of ransomware victims globally increased 143 percent during the first quarter of 2023, according to a new report from insurer Alliance Commercial. The study estimates the annual cost of ransomware to victims will soar to $265 billion annually by 2031.

For more than 15 years, Clareity security offerings from CoreLogic have been the industry standard for cutting-edge, modern security solutions.

Clareity Assure is available now for all MLSs. More information is available on the CoreLogic website at

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