Third-Party Cookies Do Crumble With Google Chrome’s Privacy Shift

Google Chrome's phasing out of third-party cookies heralds a new era for real estate marketing. This article dives into the implications for marketers and suggests strategies to adapt, focusing on first-party data, contextual targeting, and building direct relationships with clients. Discover how the Privacy Sandbox technologies like Topics API and FLoC could reshape your marketing approach in a privacy-first future.

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AI is a vital part of CoreLogic’s new Clareity Assure security platform for MLSs

Today, CoreLogic launched a vital and timely new security platform – Clareity Assure – now available to integrate as a front door to all MLS systems regardless of vendor. It is precisely the kind of protection MLSs need and must have in place. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for its adaptive authentication protection. It can identify suspicious activity and, most importantly, selectively deploy multi-factor authentication. By monitoring login activity in real time, it can automatically detect when login exceeds an acceptable risk threshold. Last year was a wakeup call for MLSs and security. The timing by CoreLogic could not [...]

The Future is Secure: Understanding the Importance of Security by Design

In today's digital age, cybersecurity has finally become a top priority for organizations across all industries. Especially in real estate after last year's events. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated by the day, and data breaches can have devastating effects on businesses.  Despite this, many organizations still take a reactive approach to cybersecurity, only implementing security measures after a breach.  However, there is a better way to approach cybersecurity - one that offers greater protection against attacks and reduces the risk of data breaches. This approach is known as Security by Design. A friend of mine who is a chief [...]

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Start with training and education to defend yourself and your organization from phishing scams.

It was a Sunday morning and I was taking a break from doing chores around the house. The house phone rings and my mom (Baby Boomer) picks it up. I can only hear this side of the conversation, but quickly I gathered that it was “DirecTV” on the phone. The call went on for a fairly long time. Finally, when my mom hung up the phone, I asked her who it was. She told me it was DirecTV and they claimed to need to replace some of the equipment for our satellite to provide us with a better signal. The equipment normally costs $1,000, but it would only cost us $300 and after 6 months, we would get the money back. But something did not feel right.

Defending Against Ransomware Attacks and Other Cyber Security Tips

October is cyber security month and everyone operating real estate systems needs to be vigilant to reduce the likelihood of getting hacked. This post was inspired by an article in the recent CoreLogic RESMagazine by Matt Cohen about Security Auditing vs. Penetration Testing.

News Alert – Zillow Publishes New Terms Of Use – Read the Fine Print

In the early days of listing syndication, WAV Group investigated the terms of use on third party advertising websites like®,® and others. Zillow® and Trulia®, who received data through listing syndication feeds rather than though data licensing terms with MLSs like® and® had some shocking language.

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New Web Browser Security Measures Coming IN January 2021

The next release of Chrome is going to have a major impact on your site if you have mixed content that is both downloaded from secure and unsecured sites. You should see the number of web sites have the current warning that they are "Not Secure" even with HTTPS.

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Security and Business Continuity – Learnings from the Pandemic

While the last few months have been challenging, and they have also been a learning experience for everyone. Christopher Callahan, CISO for Weichert Companies, and I have had an extensive conversation on security and business continuity learnings from the pandemic.

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How to Strengthen Security in the Virtual Workplace – Part 2

Part one of this article addresses the power of people and communication as a security tool. This article discusses the nuts & bolts of technology to secure the virtual workplace — an area of security that is a nightmare for technology leadership and keeps them from sleeping at night.

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How to Strengthen Security in the Virtual Workplace – Part 1

A pandemic brings out the worst in some people. As businesses must move staff to a virtual workplace environment, bad actors are trying to steal both the people's identity and their money. Plus, don't forget the company's digital assets.

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