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While the last few months have been challenging, and they have also been a learning experience for everyone. Christopher Callahan, CISO for Weichert Companies, and I have had an extensive conversation on security and business continuity learnings from the pandemic.

Why is this important?

In the business world, Shelter-in-Place (SiP) has displaced the workforce from the safe confines of corporate offices into employee’s homes. I mean, everyone! A full-fledged transformation into a virtual company.

The security exposure and risks have increased significantly across all aspects of the business. Isolation of remote access to the company information is limited to the sales team and a few staff who are road warriors. Now, completion of the firm’s business occurs in little islands of offices — for every employee.

Chris and I discuss pandemic planning topics as part of a business continuity strategy and other security practices. We take a stab at the security risks and new processes and policies that need to be reviewed or implemented.

The design of Insightful Tech is to expose people and technology to the WAV Group’s audience. The intent is to provide interviews, demo’s, and pass on the knowledge I’ve gained to help people do more with technology.

I do want to give Chris a big “Thank you” for participating in my first interview. I appreciate his knowledge, our long-time friendship, and for taking this journey with me.

Please be patient on some of my techniques and equipment. I am figuring this out as I do these videos. Why not keep learning and trying to be better! Anyone who knows me understands incremental gain is my idealogy. I promise to be better and to help others be better too.