Real AI: Evil AI, Holy Gemini, a great way for agents to use AI, fast facts, top headlines and Quote of the Week

By Kevin Hawkins with Korey Hawkins | Vol. 1 Post 17 Real AI is a 100% human-created weekly roundup of all things AI in real estate and emerging AI innovations in other sectors likely to impact real estate, posting a new edition every Friday. About Evil AI… WAV Group founding partner Victor Lund just published a provocative post called “Evil AI.” It's a vital topic to keep at the forefront of AI development. The underlying current is frightening. Evil AI demonstrates the enormous downside that has some of the most brilliant minds of our times warning us about the dark [...]

Real AI: AI in your pocket, follow the (AI) money, fast facts and top headlines

By Kevin Hawkins with Korey Hawkins | Vol. 1 Post 11 Real AI is a 100% human-created weekly roundup of all things AI in real estate and emerging AI innovations in other sectors likely to impact real estate, posting a new edition every Friday. Cloudless AI Chip titan Qualcomm held its annual Snapdragon Summit in Maui (we gotta get on that list), advancing the cloudless generative AI movement. Qualcomm envisions AI in your pocket: totally contained on your smartphone, unchained from the Cloud. On-device AI is in its infancy, but with its potential realized (we can dream, right?), we think [...]

Create Community in Your Company Intranet

Your intranet is the private and password gated back-office website that you provide for your agents and staff to communicate with each other and access the software that you make available. WAV Group studied a handful of leading intranets to determine if they were good at building community.

WAVes of Tech: Phishing in Real Estate and Recruiting Experience

A key practice to protect yourself and your customers from scammers and hackers is education. When I was asked by Janet Sowers of the Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee (RASM) to present at a session on “Beware of the Phish! Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions”, there was only one response. Absolutely, YES!

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Three Stories for You to Read: Amazon, Cybersecurity, App Dev

In the advent of Inman Connect this week, these were three stories I found which piqued my interest this last week. Will Amazon Uber-ize the Real Estate Industry? Cisco and Juniper Networks stocks slipped last Friday on news from The Information that Amazon was entering the $14 billion data center equipment business. While searching for more news I stumbled upon investment firm, TwinRock Partners, article about Amazon and real estate.

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GDPR is Not Alone, Personal Data Protection Laws Hit the U.S.

Consumer data protection continues to be a focus for governments after the latest round of data breaches and Facebook allowing Collaborative Analytics harvesting of its user’s data. In a hastily crafted bill, California legislatures and the governor passed AB 375, or the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. There is good reason for hardly anyone noticing this new law; it was fast-tracked through the legislative process within seven (7) days. California legislature rapidly created a consumer privacy bill in response to an initiative of a privacy ballot supported by the Alastair Mactaggart’s non-profit, Californians for Consumer Privacy. Mactaggart’s organization garnered [...]

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Brokers Need to Know that Bitcoin has an Economic Flaw

But the biggest gains may be ahead. If you took economics class in college, you understand that currencies of any type have a relationship between four very important metrics: MV=PQ. M is the total amount of money supply in circulation. V is the velocity of money and the frequency that it is being circulated. P is the price level Q is the inflation adjusted index of goods and services. The economic flaw with Bitcoin is that you cannot buy much with it. Sure – we hear these isolated discussions about people buying houses with Bitcoin, but those are isolated one-offs. [...]

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What Real Estate Needs To Know About Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin

As a real estate broker or MLS executive who is reading headlines like “Man Buys Texas Estate with Bitcoin,” you may be scratching your head to understand what this stuff is all about. Here is a primer that may help you to understand it. First of all, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It is not a coin or a bill. It is not backed by any nation’s treasury. It has a theoretical value that can be used for the exchange of goods and services. Bitcoin is only one of the digital currencies. There are many. In fact, anyone can [...]

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