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About Evil AI…AI good or evil

WAV Group founding partner Victor Lund just published a provocative post called “Evil AI.”

It’s a vital topic to keep at the forefront of AI development. The underlying current is frightening. Evil AI demonstrates the enormous downside that has some of the most brilliant minds of our times warning us about the dark side of AI’s future.

Victor’s piece pulls from a real-world example of how researchers flipped the script when using AI to develop ways to avoid the dangerous side effects of a drug. What if they used AI to generate toxic molecules, e.g., chemical weapons? The result was 40,000 substances, including VX, a notorious nerve gas, and other chemical weapons, including, according to the Scientific American piece Victor sources, “many completely new potentially toxic substances.”

That’s terrifying.

However, we’ve been down this road before.

Whenever a new technology lurches into our culture, there is an immediate reaction to change, often fearmongering. Look it up: when bicycles began to become popular in the late 1890s, some people claimed it was causing a rise in insanity cases, especially among women! People feared the telephone because they thought it could talk to the dead and violated the will of God. Passenger trains? Protesters said our bodies could not handle speeds of 50 mph and that “uteruses would fly out” of female bodies.

And we are living it now with the Dark Web. Imagine if the internet was never allowed to happen because it would give birth to one of the darkest sides of humanity.

We know AI is different; very different. But it is also very different in the most extraordinarily good ways.

We cite our Quote of the Week from Victor: “While most people will use AI to do good, others will use AI to do evil” (emphasis ours).

For us, that’s the bottom line: We still have faith in humanity that it will find a way to do mostly good and, as never before, have the guardrails in place to prevent evil from winning. Call it naïve, but we believe we will live up to the Spiderman credo: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Our future headline: AI good triumphs over AI evil.

Holy Gemini!Multimodal AI Gemini

Kudos to Greg Robertson at Vendor Alley to be among the first to post a link to Google’s somewhat staged demo on Gemini from Google, the newest AI contender challenging OpenAI.

Gemini, Google’s “multimodal AI,” has features that all AI is moving toward: verbal instead of written prompts (let’s have a real “chat” with AI, as we have been writing will happen) and leveraging the power of computer vision.

The skills you will see in this video confirm why is so wildly successful in carving out its leadership in this part of the AI real estate landscape.

Gemini is next level (at least for a while).

Just watch this:

An excellent way for agents to use AIagent using AI

A real estate agent friend (and client) asked me if AI could help with a data challenge he had relegated to his assistant. The assistant found the task too time-consuming and overwhelming.

He had 2.5 years of traffic data in his newsletter and was using a mail service that did not give him the summary data – over time – that he wanted. He had CSV files for each month of open rates and click activity. Over time, he simply wanted to identify his most engaged readers.

Were they clients or future clients?

Enter and ChatGPT-4. We tested both. We cut and pasted the data into (it can’t read a CSV or Excel file). For ChatGPT, we converted the CSV data into an Excel file.

And because ChatGPT can read Excel files, it won the tasks assigned to crunch the data and provide the Top 50 clients for opens, clicks, and total engagement, as well as tell us what the most popular URLs were – all over the 2.5 years. ChatGPT took the data-crunching assignment in less than a minute and solved this agent’s problem.

Yes, he will switch to a mail system that integrates with his CRM. But how many data tasks like this could an agent today benefit from by using AI instead of spending hours fussing with spreadsheets?

This is a great way agents can use AI to sift through a lot of data to help them plan better for 2024.

AI Five Fast FactsAI Five Facts

  1. The Global AI market is expected to reach $1.81 trillion by 2030.
  2. IBM reported that 64% of companies believe that AI will help improve customer relations and increase productivity.
  3. In a report by MIT Sloan, 9 out of 10 organizations say they are adapting AI to gain an edge over their competitors.
  4. How many jobs will be impacted by AI automation: A study estimates about 38% of jobs in the US, 35% in Germany, 30% in the UK, and 21% in Japan.
  5. 95% of hiring managers surveyed said AI can help tremendously in shortlisting candidates and reducing screening time.

Sources: Demandsage

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Quote of the weekAI Quote of the Week - Victor Lund

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