Homebot Wins Realogy FWD Innovation Award

Realogy Franchise Group brought together 300 industry leaders to hear and vote on their 6th Annual Realogy FWD Innovation Award. Sherry Chris of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is the brand sponsor of the event but it was really a team effort that fostered collaboration among all of their brands. Chairman Ryan Schneider kicked off the event with opening remarks that focused Realogy’s strategy for the event suggesting that Realogy always balances the decision of “Build, Buy, or Partner” in all of their technology decisions. He noted that for Realogy, it is “our opportunity to leverage technology,” remembering that real estate is a human focused business enhanced by technology.” Well said.

Lets Get Our Language Right

In real estate, agents and brokers talk about sales. They talk about how many and how much.   Time to get our language right. Instead, let's say.....   On behalf of our clients, we have negotiated XXX transactions for $xxxxxx.   Stop saying that you sell. Start saying that you negotiate. Reclaim your value.   Think about it.   Short post.

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MLS Improvement Requires Broker Support

There is a progressive MLS leadership group that is fighting on behalf of brokers to make dramatic improvements in data management that needs broker support for their efforts. The group is called MLS Roundtable, made up of eight MLSs representing 300,000 brokers and agents. In an article published this week called Measuring Success for MLS Executives, Kathy Condon, President and CEO of Massachusetts regional MLS PIN scribes an eloquent synopsis of the status of migrating data feeds from the RETS transportation method to RESO Web API. She urges the industry to move forward quickly and responsibility. They need brokers to support the effort by encouraging more MLSs to focus their attention and treasury to RESO Web API adoption.

MLSListings Turns Data Into News

In any market, the transactions that define market trends are evident in MLS data more clearly than any other data source. However, third party companies like portals and public record firms have become the de facto source of market information to the major media outlets. A number of years ago, the Council of MLSs (CMLS) explored hiring a Chief Economist and a PR firm to position MLSs as the most valued source of market data. For a number of reasons, CMLS did not pursue the strategy, but did create a focus on establishing best practices for MLSs to effectively communicate [...]

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RENT Conference in Paris – Real Estate and New Technologies Conference

WAV Group partner, Victor Lund will be traveling to Paris again this year for what has become an annual journey to share and learn with our European counterparts in real estate. The conference is being held October 3rd and 4th. 

Best Instagram Post Ever

When it comes to social media marketing, I tend to watch the strategies of teenagers more than real estate social media gurus. The gurus are great at what they do, training agents and firms on how to run successful campaigns and build authentic audiences. But the kids are where innovation comes from.

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CRMs Innovate with Coaching Integration

Customer Relationship Management platforms going through a massive revolution today, and real estate teams, agents and brokers are taking notice. Leading CRM firms are programming the stock content and action plans to align with popular coaching techniques.

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Rex Marr Announces Retirement

The industry is losing one of our funniest and most effective sales people. Rex Marr is retiring from Rapattoni after 50 years in the business! We’ll miss you a bunch buddy! Have a great time with your next adventure! We’ll make sure Susan keeps us up to speed on all of your antics! We’ll miss you!

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Florida Realtors COO Margy Grant To Take The Helm From Admired Leader Bill Martin

The future of the Florida Realtors will be in the skillful and proven hands of a new chief executive officer starting January 1, when Margy Grant takes over from well-regarded association veteran CEO Bill Martin. Margy is Florida Realtors’ current chief operations officer and general counsel of the state's largest professional trade association. The association announced late last week that Martin is retiring at the end of this year.

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Zillow’s Opinion of Upstream and CAR’s Forms License Policy Is Obvious

I have been reading articles about Zillow Group’s positioning on Upstream and the forms licensing policy of the California Association of REALTORS® with great interest. My take away is that Zillow Group is doing and saying exactly what they should be doing and saying to positively impact Zillow’s market opportunities in real estate. Remember, Zillow has industry relations people and government relations people that want to fight tooth and nail for every advantage they can get. It’s business.

BoxMLS Names Kevin Hughes as New CEO

So excited to hear that Kevin Hughes is back at it again in the MLS joining BoxMLS as its new Chief Executive Officer!  We’ve been watching this company for awhile now and they are doing really interesting things!  For those that have not yet heard about BoxMLS it is a new tool to help brokers and agents operate much more effectively across multiple MLS markets at once.

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Broker Public Portal Names New Board Officers

The Board of Managers of the Broker Public Portal (BPP) today announced its new officers for the next year. The BPP, which is owned and operated by real estate brokerages and MLSs and in a technology partnership with Homesnap, is delivering consumer connection benefits to more than 875,000 real estate professionals in America today through more than 140 MLS agreements.

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