Lone Wolf Technology LogoLone Wolf announced their integration today between Cloud CMA and their forms and transactions systems – zipForm and TransactionDesk. I excitedly took a look. Had they cracked the holy grail? The grail itself is something that our industry has discussed for decades – lead to close. If there is a company that can get you there, it may soon be Lone Wolf.

One of my favorite sayings which I picked up form Merle Whitehead of Howard Hanna is “sign here, press hard.” It is a classic salesperson saying that goes along well with something my dad always told me, “a businessman (businessperson) without a pen is like a soldier without a gun.”

For listing presentations, the CMA is the beginning of a process. It is the assembly of information that is reviewed by agent and seller to determine if the seller wants to choose that agent to list their home. Obviously, if the seller agrees to list at a certain price, the very next step would be to start the listing agreement, followed by “sign here, press hard,” or in DocuSign’s case – you don’t need to press hard.

What I expected in the announcement was a workflow that would take the agent from the CMA presentation directly to the listing agreement. I imagined the agent getting up from the kitchen table and starting to walk around the house to complete the MLS listing input form, taking photos with the camera on their iPad.

Lone Wolf is not quite there yet. But I like the direction.

Check out the video below. The integration that they have done allows the agent to authorize their Cloud CMA account in Lone Wolf Transactions or vice versa and provides some transfer of information between the two – like the information about the customer and the subject property. It’s a start, but not the workflow I have in my dream. Certainly, better than anything on the market today. I am sure that future development in this area will be closer to my imagination.

And it does not stop there. Remember, with MLSConnect – in certain MLS market areas, the information curated by the listing agent is enough to start an MLS listing. This saves agents enormous time and removes so many errors. Every MLS should have this feature. But wait, there is more…..

Brokers with Broker Wolf Accounting and Back Office suite have integrations that will literally allow them to go from contract close to commission check.

Stone Point – owners of Lone Wolf and soon – CoreLogic – are on a great path to truly command a strong value proposition to the business side of real estate. On the other hand, CoStar is targeting the front end with their announcement of the Homes.com acquisition.

It is profoundly interesting to me that startups are not the ones delivering innovation to our industry – it’s the billionaire private equity firms.

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