Today marks 19 years since September 11th, 2001.

There is no easy way to talk about this day. Most will remember where they were when they heard the devastating news of the plane crash, and some of us watched it unfold live on TV. The world recoiled in collective horror along with America as New York’s beloved skyline changed forever. Still today, no words seem adequate to describe the ripple effect of this violent impact.9-11 never forget

At WAV Group, we connect personally to remembrance today. Project Manager Jules Penham’s father worked on Wall Street for over a decade on the 88th and 89th floors at bank securities firm Keefe, Bruyette, and Woods. Michael Penham gratefully left his position just a few years prior to 2001, but in one shocking moment, he witnessed the death of nearly everyone he shared an office with during his time there.

The tragic loss of life from this senseless act of cruelty invokes a moment of silence each year—in solidarity, respect, and remembrance.

Once held, we recommit to action in service of those who selflessly put their lives on the line for our freedom and safety. With humility we thank the firefighters and public service members involved in rescue efforts on 9/11, many of whom did not come home again. We continue to tangibly support our veterans, civil rights leaders, and ancestors who created and protected the freedoms we have available in America today. In 2020 as we fight COVID-19, we give our utmost thanks and support to the healthcare workers on the front line of a pandemic that has so far cost Americans a staggering 200,000 friends, family members, and loved ones.

As we progress through Realtor Safety Month, we acknowledge that while we cannot prepare for unexpected tragedy, we are individually empowered to take steps toward security and safety. In the past we have united as a nation to comply with safety standards in public spaces, adapting to increased airline security. As a sign of gratitude for those who have passed away protecting our country’s promise of freedom, we invest in the health and strength of our communities by wearing masks, maintaining social distance measures, and following CDC guidelines.

At every turn, 2020 has reminded us to practice generosity and gratitude wherever possible. We must not take a single day for granted. As we remember the past, we live for today and strive to make the best of every moment. #NeverForget