Some of you may have noticed that your inbox looks strange today. You’ve probably received numerous emails from airlines, hotels, conventions, software companies, etc. informing clients of precautionary measures being taken during this health crisis. Regardless, another group of emails persists: Automated emails. Strangely, those automated emails appear unaware that we are experiencing a global emergency, and the companies sending them inattentive or even ignorant. Updating your drip marketing campaign in response to changes in the market is a must.

Drip Marketing in a Dynamic Environment

Automated email software is essentially a requirement in real estate today. The software accomplishes essential tasks for its users such as keeping in touch with past clients, redirecting valuable time and energy from administrative work to more involved projects. Because email is the primary communication tool used in our industry, the language in the automated emails and drip marketing emails is static. It is always a great idea to take a look at the email templates used across your business. The stock language that software providers load is usually generic at best. It is pretty easy to edit the templates to make them look prettier (use colors in your branding style guide), and to sound more like your company rather than ABC Realty.

Note: Take careful notes on the templates that you change. You may need to go back and change them again in the coming weeks.

Some of these automated templated drip emails may not be appropriate at all; others may be really helpful. For example, a broker with a mortgage company just emailed all customers about new mortgage rates. Many customers may want to refinance their homes in the coming months– or pull out emergency funds with a home equity product.

Screenshot of Redfin Email new listing alertExample of a Redfin Win that happened today – I received a new listing alert – see image. It says  “tour tomorrow.” I clicked it because I wondered if this was a mistake. In a blog post on Monday, Redfin CEO, Glenn Kelman canceled open houses. Was the automated email offering an open house when the CEO cancelled them? The book a tour page alerts customers not to attend a tour if they are ill, but they are showing houses in small numbers. Had they not updated this email alert to adopt the new policy, Redfin would have looked foolish. Fortunately, they executed very well. (p.s. other companies who have cancelled open houses have not executed as well).

Customize Your Message

Homebuyers this week have demonstrated resilience. I spoke with two large brokerages – one in California and the other in Dallas — both reporting strong sales. There is currently still a prominent demand for houses. People may suddenly have extra time to look at houses – albeit carefully. They might have time to pack too. Be sure to reach out and tell customers that you care, in addition to providing any details on ways you’re available to help.

If you are making contributions to any relief effort – like delivering food or donating to a community aid fund– be sure to let your customers know that you are lending a hand to those who need it and invite them to join you.

Please let us know how we can be of service during this challenging time.