SERVICE: The Real Secret Weapon to Broker Profitability

Our industry loves shiny objects! We’re also looking for the next goose that is going to lay golden eggs at our feet. This year the promise of greatness has been tied to technology investments. From Open Door to Compass to Keller Williams and a whole bunch in-between, brokerages are lining up to claim their rightful place as a technology company. 

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Your Brokerage Needs to Improve Your Consumer Responsiveness

Sometimes Zillow Group does something that aggravates the industry, like displaying agent reviews. Other times Zillow does things that not only aggravate the real estate industry, but they point to profound best practices that are a roadmap to success. When brokers pay attention, they can learn a lot.

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CoreLogic and SavvyCard Provide Social Media Lead Generation Solution to CRMLS

CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today announced a new agreement to provide SavvyCard®, a CoreLogic Alliance Network solution, to the subscribers of California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS). The nation’s largest MLS, CRMLS is a consortium of 38 real estate organizations representing approximately 100,000 members.

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Homebot Wins Realogy FWD Innovation Award

Realogy Franchise Group brought together 300 industry leaders to hear and vote on their 6th Annual Realogy FWD Innovation Award. Sherry Chris of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is the brand sponsor of the event but it was really a team effort that fostered collaboration among all of their brands. Chairman Ryan Schneider kicked off the event with opening remarks that focused Realogy’s strategy for the event suggesting that Realogy always balances the decision of “Build, Buy, or Partner” in all of their technology decisions. He noted that for Realogy, it is “our opportunity to leverage technology,” remembering that real estate is a human focused business enhanced by technology.” Well said.

Three Ways to Defend Against Losing Customers from MLS of Choice

Real estate is a service business.  REALTORS® are service professionals.  Are MLSs doing what it takes to support their subscribers with the service needed to help every agent and broker deliver the best service they can to the homebuyers and sellers?    With today’s new MLS of Choice environment, REALTORS® DO have a choice about what MLS to work with.  It’s time to take a serious look at the norms of service quality for MLSs today.

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Solving the Mysteries of Jet Lag

For years, I have strenuously maintained that when I fly West, especially to Hawaii from the West Coast, I never have been jet lagged. But when I fly to Europe from Seattle, if I don’t follow all the jet lag management tactics I’ve learned over the years, I’ll pay the price. Many fellow business and active leisure travelers told me I was nuts.

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Does Your MLS/Association Have What it Takes to Survive for the Long Haul?

While the daily operations of an Association and MLS may not feel the pressures of the changing real estate industry the signs are all around us. From the billions in new investment, to nationwide industry initiatives, to the ever-increasing influence and scope of third party portals, the real estate industry is changing rapidly.

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Why is Real Estate so Obsessed with Innovation or Disruption?

I was inspired by a Facebook post the other day that asked the question – “Name One Thing That Government Has Made Cheaper and More Efficient.” Ok – it was not really a question. But it was a command that begged a question.

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How Agents are Benefiting from Artificial Intelligence

WAV Group founding partner and RE Technology Chief Executive Officer, Victor Lund traveled to Paris again this year to share insights on the evolution of technology in America. His talk highlighted how systems automation is relieving Realtors of many routine tasks. This process is called Artificial Intelligence, which is the process of having machines do the work that humans normally do.

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NAR Boston 2018: Home Runs and Strikeouts in Beantown

My dad grew up, pre-Depression, on Beacon Hill in Boston. As a kid, we took a lot of road trips. Because my dad worked for Westin Hotels, we stayed at a lot of nice places in big towns for free. My favorite road trip when we lived in Chicago was visiting Boston and the New England area. I had been back a couple of times for business and always loved visiting this city. After this last week at NAR, I absolutely want to go back – but next time for a vacation.

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MLS Policy – Broker Attribution Back to the Drawing Board

This is great news! Multiple Listing Issues and Policy Committee voted to send the Broker Attribution policy change recommendation back for another look. An impressive move based on a recommendation by the NAR Leadership during the Committee meeting.

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