MIAMI Realtors – Parcel Centric Services Are Table Stakes for Every Real Estate App

MIAMI Association of Realtors® added their voice to the choir of MLSs who are launching parcel centric applications to empower the agent-client experience.

Real Estate Needs to Step Up Engagement with Fannie and Freddie

With half of the mortgages going to these Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs), there is an opportunity for Realtors® to be part of the solution. One of the leaders in working with realtors to collect data for GSEs is Clear Capital. They have partnered with CoreLogic to assist with the creation of more modern valuation and appraisal workflows.

We Are Likely to See More Banks Fail

The recent Minsky moment has highlighted the fragility of the financial system, and the need for policymakers to take action to address the underlying issues. The Federal Reserve's decision to increase interest rates played a significant role in this crisis.

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Fractional Home Ownership is Emerging

Any real estate executive knows that one of the greatest wealth-building decisions that any person can make is to buy a home. Quarter, Inc., leader in fractional homeownership, allows the buyer to purchase a fraction of the home that they can afford and enjoy all the financial and lifestyle benefits of homeownership.

Milestones launches Homeownership Hub Through InstaMortgage Loan Officers

In a joint press release today, Milestones and InstaMortgage announced that InstaMortgage will be the first mortgage company to launch Milestones Homeownership Hubs to consumers. Like real estate brokers and agents, loan officers are challenged to remain engaged with their clients after the closing.

Buyside rebrands to Percy and snags $10 million in capital for expansion into mortgage

WAV Group has been a tremendous fan of Buyside since the company’s launch. The product allows brokers to leverage their home buyers to pitch home sellers. During a listing presentation, agents share their seller home marketing plan - but with Percy (formerly Buyside), brokers deploying this product have an unfair advantage.

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