For any real estate executive, you know that one of the greatest wealth-building decisions that any person can make is to buy a home. But homes are expensive. Those folks with steady paychecks and good credit, but low income are often relegated to renting for years – if not decades.

As this awesome ad from Edina Realty suggests, renting is the worst investment. In the middle between renters and first-time homeowners lies the opportunity for fractional home ownership. One company that is leading out with fractional home ownership is Quarter, Inc. With Quarter, qualified homebuyers, sitting in the gulf between renting and being able to purchase a home on their own, can be partnered with an investor as a co-buyer. This allows the buyer to purchase a fraction of the home that they can afford and enjoy all the financial and lifestyle benefits of homeownership.


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Boulder, Colorado, February 2, 2023Quarter, Inc., the nation’s owner-occupied first fractional equity home funding program and technology platform, announced the first home purchased using the innovative financing service. The pilot home was purchased by the company CEO, Shannon Diesch, for $740,000 in Longmont, Colorado with monthly housing payments 50% cheaper vs. a 30-year mortgage.

“I can’t tell you how important this first fractionally-funded home is to me personally, and to every other Millennial like me who’s frustrated by how unaffordable homes are today” said Diesch. “I live in a high cost, urban market like so many of my peers who are stuck renting. Using Quarter’s fractional funding model took 50% of my monthly out-of-pocket cost away compared to a traditional mortgage – making this home affordable to buy. Our mission at Quarter is to bring this housing affordability to millions of young people like me and millions of underserved families who have been priced out of the American dream of home ownership”.

The Quarter fractional equity program is an innovative funding model based on investors purchasing financial interests, that are linked to the home through a special purpose entity, that becomes a tenants-in-common with the homeowner when the property is acquired. Quarter was advised by DLA Piper LLP (US) on establishing a regulatory compliance framework for its operations. Quarter’s capital is equity/co-ownership based vs. traditional debt-based mortgage capital used exclusively to finance homes today.

“The affordability crisis facing Millennials like me, and other traditionally underserved communities, is largely the result of interest-rate driven mortgages combined with out of reach home prices,” explained Diesch.  “If you’re a first-time buyer, with no equity to trade in for down payment, and mortgage rates are the highest they’ve been since Friends was on NBC – then millions of us are simply out of luck and stuck in apartments or rental homes.

“Quarter offers us a chance at home ownership by enabling Investors to invest in owner-occupied homes for the first time in history. Sourcing purchase capital from co-owner investors allows them to enjoy monthly cash flows from their investment while sharing appreciation gains proportionally with homeowners like me. And I take care of the house as an owner, not a renter.

“When you add it all up, Quarter’s fractional investors enjoy economics similar to whole-home ownership while home buyers like me enjoy up to 50% or more in savings every month vs. mortgage. This changes everything.”

About Quarter

Quarter is America’s first owner-occupied fractional equity-based home funding program and technology platform, with the aim of providing homeownership to millions who cannot afford a home using traditional debt-based. Fully vetted for regulatory compliance, Quarter directly unites fractional housing investors – preferring passive returns from a portfolio of fractional home assets vs. costly whole home ownership – with consumers who need an alternative to high-cost mortgages in order to own a home.