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Acquiring More Profit is the long-awaited update to the real estate industry’s groundbreaking and bestselling M&A book, Acquiring Profit. Many of the foundational principles outlined in the first book helped “kick-start” the M&A frenzy of the past two decades, and have been updated in this edition to reflect the current market conditions and the experience gained from participation in hundreds more actual transactions. The “win-win” concept anchoring the original process is still highlighted. 

Acquiring More Profit is appropriately named, as the primary objective of any transaction is to increase the firm’s profitability and overall value. However, the authors believe (and show by example) that successful M&A transactions are more than merely financial transactions. They must solve a problem or provide an opportunity, and the outcome must be beneficial to both the seller and buyer on many levels, including: the market perception, their future roles, family, agents, and staff.  

The book offers practical advice and helpful tips to everyone from brokers just starting their M&A journey up to the most sophisticated and experienced practitioners. The book covers the complete M&A process literally, from contemplating an acquisition strategy to closing and beyond. Readers will be led on a complete and thorough journey outlining every phase of the process. 

Some of the areas covered include:

  • Is an M&A strategy right for me?
  • Where do I find prospects and how do I approach them?
  • What information/diligence should I request?
  • How do I value a company?
  • What should I know about negotiating and structuring an offer? 
  • Tips on creating a Letter of Intent (LOI) and agreement
  • Useful checklists and forms for every step of the process
  • Advice on getting from LOI to closing
  • Integration strategies and options
  • Helpful tips and pitfalls to avoid

The information and practical and proven advice offered could be the difference between a successful and profitable transaction — or one that both sides might regret. 

Be sure to get the companion book, Acquiring More Profit Implementation System, which includes the customizable forms, checklists, and more you’ll need to complete your acquisitions successfully.

This is a PDF file download of the book.

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This is a PDF file download of the book.