WAV Group is thrilled to present its latest report on the current state of AI adoption in the residential real estate industry, with a specific focus on ChatGPT. As buzzwords like AI and ChatGPT continue to dominate industry conversations, WAV Group set out to provide a comprehensive snapshot of how this technology is being embraced within the industry.

To gather valuable insights, we conducted an extensive online survey targeting real estate agents, brokers, association members, and MLS staff. Through their responses, we discovered compelling examples of how agents are already harnessing the power of ChatGPT, and we’re excited to showcase these use cases in our report. By exploring the innovative ways in which ChatGPT is utilized, you’ll gain practical knowledge that can help you join the ranks of early adopters.

We’ve also compiled a curated collection of the finest real estate technology companies that have integrated this transformative technology into their products and services. From powering cutting-edge features to driving innovative solutions, these industry leaders serve as shining examples of how AI, and particularly ChatGPT, can revolutionize the real estate technology landscape.

Join us as we delve into the realm of AI in real estate, uncovering its current applications and paving the way for future possibilities. Be part of the movement by accessing our report and unlocking the immense potential that ChatGPT holds for your real estate endeavors.

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