Consumers today are demanding more and more transparency in every purchase they make. As a real estate professional you have a great chance to attract new clients simply by sharing all of the great relationships you have with your clients. You didn’t build that referral network you have without creating satisfied clients.

Why not take advantage of all of the hard work you have done to earn the great reputation you have?

Feedback websites have become popular because they allow a consumer to get information from peers about their satisfaction levels with products and services. Unlike traditional advertising that has fallen out of favor with many consumers, websites that provide objective, honest, positive and importantly, negative feedback are ever growing in popularity.

WAV Group has just published a paper called “Your Reputation, Your Secret Weapon for Securing New Clients.”

This paper will show real estate agents how they can take advantage of this consumer trend to grow their business. It will help agents understand why consumers want more information about the reputations of real estate agents online. It will also show how fellow REALTORS® have capitalized on this strong consumer need to grow their business.