CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (NOVEMBER 7, 2014) – Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, the industry leader in real estate solutions and services, announces a new integration with Instanet Solutions Authentisign Signit eSignature module.

The Authentisign integration allows Lone Wolf clients to electronically sign the Transaction Record Sheet for each real estate transaction. It is a complementary service that streamlines the transaction management process and enhances the efficiency of brokerage operations.

“This partnership showcases the true value of integrated solutions for a real estate brokerage and is an integral component in reducing manual processes for our clients,” says Chris Avery, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Lone Wolf. “Our goal has always been to offer one point of data entry through solutions that integrate and streamline brokerage operations. With the Complete Enterprise Solution and this new partnership, we’re providing more time for our clients to focus on growing their business and servicing their customers.”

Brokers, agents and administrators are often required to go through multiple steps when processing a real estate transaction. This includes manual processes such as printing, signing, scanning/faxing and uploading documents. With Lone Wolf’s Complete Enterprise Solution and the new Instanet Authentisign integration, brokerage processes and transaction data flows seamlessly, significantly reducing the time and manual processes required to complete a real estate transaction.

“Instanet Solutions has always been a leader in providing solutions to optimize the workflow in real estate. The integration of the Authentisign Signit API into Lone Wolf’s Transaction Record Sheet is a perfect example of how brokerages can reduce operational costs, save time and become more efficient through the use of Instanet Solutions technology,” said Martin Scrocchi, President and CEO of Instanet Solutions.

In recent months, Lone Wolf has focused on expanding their partnerships in the forms and eSignature space for their transaction management solution, loadingDOCS. loadingDOCS, and its partnerships, cover the five steps of going paperless for a real estate brokerage including creation, execution, submission, review/approval, and storage of transaction documents.


About Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. is the North American leader in real estate solutions and services with almost 10,000 offices utilizing their fully integrated product lines. Lone Wolf’s Complete Enterprise Solutions is comprised of its core products and services – brokerWOLF back office management solution, WOLFconnect front office management solutions, globalWOLF website solution, loadingDOCS paperless office solution, mobileWOLF mobile solution, WOLFmedia ad revenue generation service, WOLFwatch accounting service and Lone Wolf’s newest service specific to the agent marketplace, agentWOLF. The Complete Enterprise Solution is ideal for real estate offices looking to seamlessly manage their data from the back office to the front office to brokerage and agent websites, providing a single point of entry for data, significant time savings and profitability opportunities. The Complete Enterprise Solution is an invaluable component of a successful real estate brokerage. Lone Wolf has offices in Cambridge, ON, Langley, BC, Las Vegas, NV and Show Low, AZ. For more information please visit

Instanet Solutions is a leading provider of real estate technology with over 400,000 licensed, paid user accounts of their various real estate focused products – Authentisign®, TransactionDesk®, Instanet Forms®, DocBox® and InstanetFax®. .Instanet Solutions began delivering real estate technology in 1992. For more information please visit For Instanet Solutions media inquiries, please contact Joe Kazzoun, VP Business and Product Development at