Ace LogoNo longer do mid-size brokerages and agent teams have to struggle to deliver a competitive online experience to their customers and create marketing solutions for their agents. Boston Logic has an ace in hole for them–a new hands on support service staffed by top real estate tech pros for the fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. See the full press release below:

BOSTON, Mass. (July 19, 2016)Boston Logic, the technology platform that powers enterprise brokerages nationwide, announced the launch of Ace, a powerful technology solution that ties together a brokerage or team’s website, online lead generation, lead routing/follow up, CRM and online marketing, while also providing a skilled marketing person who can help drive these initiatives and campaigns.

Ace is tailored for agent teams and boutique brokerage companies, who often lack a dedicated staff person to lead their online marketing programs.

“Through many years of working with brokerages, we’ve learned that one of the biggest obstacles that brokers and teams face is having the staff to help drive the technology in which they invest,” said David Friedman, founder and CEO of Boston Logic.

“We designed Ace to include marketing support because we want to provide not only great technology, but impactful outcomes, even when the brokerage or team doesn’t have the full time staff to do so in- house,” Friedman said.

The Boston Logic Ace solution was built for agent teams and brokerages with up to 50 agents who want to grow their online business, automate lead capture and scoring, automate marketing and customer follow-up, stay in touch with their past clients and spheres of influence, and get help piloting these systems.

Ace combines Boston Logic’s comprehensive suite of broker technology solutions with a dedicated remote chief technical and marketing administrator for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time professional, usually under $1000 a month for both the expert and the software.

“Ace is perfect for real estate professionals who want to sell homes, not manage websites and software. It provides technology to grow your business and the people to help you drive it. Ace experts become a part of your team to both pilot technology and do the hands-on work that you don’t have time for, the stuff that’s everyone job, so it’s no one’s job,” said Spencer Taylor, Boston Logic’s Head of Product.

“Lots of our clients simply don’t make time for the basics, like sending a newsletter or connecting their Google account to their CRM. Your Ace will do it for you,” Taylor added.

Scott Reynolds, who heads up a team of six agents in Vero Beach, Fla said that like most successful teams, their agents are busy marketing and selling property. “Ace fills a gap in our team with a digital marketing specialist who works with us to manage and implement all of the services that the Boston Logic Platform provides,” he said.

Effective utilization of real estate technology can spell the difference between success and failure in today’s real estate marketplace. Many mid-size and smaller brokerages and teams find it difficult to run an effective digital marketing campaign. They further struggle to give agents the marketing support and software integration they need to make them competitive with market leaders.

According to a recent study by Inman News Service, technology tools are the number one reason agents select one brokerage over another. Yet, nearly half of the agents participating in the study had no formal agreement for technology support from their broker and 45.6 percent, said they wished brokers would offer more support to encourage agent adoption of technology products.1 Similar research by the National Association of Realtors found 45 percent of agents and broker associates would like brokers to expand the amount of technology they provide agents.2

Ace was built on the Boston Logic Platform, which powers desktop and mobile websites, CRM, email marketing, marketing automation, and more for brokers, teams and individual agents. The Boston Logic Platform is proudly made in Boston, MA, by talented software developers writing in the same coding language – Ruby on Rails – used by companies including Twitter, Airbnb and Hulu. This modern code means better performance, greater flexibility and faster innovation.

Ace is launching a pilot program with 20 select small brokerages and teams this month, and will be publicly available August 1st.

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