When Ben Caballero became the first individual real estate agent to break the $1 billion production number in 2015, very few folks really understood how Ben did that. This year Ben will obliterate his own record with a stunning 35% increase in business. Ben-WhiteBkg-300x199That’s a number north of $1.375 billion and a total of more than 3,400 home sales, up from 2,491 in 2015.

Ben has won the Inman Innovator Award, was honored on stage by Gary Keller at Keller Williams MegaCamp (even though Ben is CEO of HomesUSA.com, a non-KW firm), and has been atop the RealTrends Thousand as published in the Wall Street Journal for several years straight – for both total sales and total production.

Ben has produced more home sales than any real estate TEAM in America. Heck, his numbers make him the #1 real estate agent in the World.

How does he do it?

Many real estate agents cry foul when they see Ben’s name at the top of production lists because what Ben does is VERY different than what any other top producer does. Like others, Ben has a system. Unlike others, Ben targets only new home builders — 100% of his business — but also built his Cloud-based platform that powers his business. He also is the only name on every listing he posts on the MLS for his more than 50 builder brands, so he gets credit for every single sale. Technology is what allows Ben to do what Ben does, but it is just one part of his listing and marketing system for builders.

What Ben’s system also does is connect real estate agents – buyers’ agents – to builders. Builders often struggle with marketing their listings to real estate agents and explaining why the new home sales process is different – and needs to be different – than an existing home sale. Ben helps real estate agents understand the opportunities with builders.

Ben’s HomeUSA.com system for new home builders has made him the most efficient real estate agent in the World as well, and has increased the efficiency of listing and marketing homes for his builders. For the bottom line of a builder it’s pretty simple: using Ben and his system helps builders sell their new homes faster and Ben has the data to prove it.

Yes, Ben is unlike any other top producing agent or team — he is a listing machine – using his technology to make builder data more accurate and up-to-date. And builders are clamoring to his door: he added 14 new builder brands in his Texas markets – Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio – in just the last year.

Here is a news release that tells more about Ben and how he does it – and you can also read Ben’s tips for agents working with new home builders on Inman News:

America’s #1 Real Estate Agent to Break the Billion-Dollar Barrier Again

Ben Caballero and his Builder Platform Smashes His Own Record in 2016

Addison, TX (Dec. 6, 2016) – America’s number one Realtor® Ben Caballero, president of Texas-based HomesUSA.com and who last year became the first billion-dollar producer in the world for total home sales, is on track to smash his own record in 2016.

Caballero projects his home sales production in 2016 will be up by more than 35 percent in just one year, as his home sales production will leap from a record $1,022,000,00 last year to new record of approximately $1,375,000,000 in 2016. Caballero’s home sale units will finish 2016 up about 36 percent, from 2,491 home sales last year, to more than 3,400 home sales in 2016.

Despite pressure on oil prices during the last year, Dallas-Ft Worth area-based Caballero notes, “Texas is not as dependent on oil as it once was. Dallas benefits from the stability of being the headquarters to 21 Fortune 500 firms, Austin is the state Capital, home of the University of Texas and has become a technology hub, San Antonio benefits from its massive military base, and while Houston remains the most oil-dependent, it also has continued to diversify.”

Caballero will end 2016 with his fifth-straight, record-breaking year for home sales. The independent research firm REAL Trends has verified Ben Caballero’s ranking as America’s reigning number one Realtor. And Caballero expects to keep his top ranking when The Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends publish its new list of “The Thousand” top real estate producing agents in June 2017.

Caballero also is the only real estate agent ever to surpass the total production of the number one ranked real estate teams, as measured by total sales transactions (sides) and total transaction volume, as verified by REAL Trends.

Caballero’s secret to success: nearly all of his transactions are for new home sales. He uses a highly innovative online technology he developed for builders. Caballero’s cloud-based listing management and marketing platform streamlines the MLS listing and marketing process. The HomesUSA.com platform allows homebuilders to provide more accurate data to consumers while also dramatically increasing their exposure to real estate agents.

“Once a new home builder sees how this technology can automate and manage their MLS listing process to deliver greater home price accuracy for consumers – and at a fraction of the cost they are paying people to do this – they become clients,” Caballero says. “It also solves one of a builder’s biggest pain points: they don’t effectively market to real estate agents. Builders need a Realtor to understand what Realtors need, and that’s what I provide. You can’t just enter a new home into the MLS and think you’re done. The listing has to be managed inside the MLS constantly and efficiently and that’s what my builder platform delivers. It also provides each builder with custom marketing and production reports, better professional listing photography, and a lead capturing and forwarding system so they can track success.”

Caballero reports his system speeds up the sales process for builders, ranging between 10-30 days faster than comparable new homes in the marketplace. “The investment a builder makes is minimal compared to the dollar savings that HomesUSA.com technology delivers to them, because it connects builders with buyers agents, and our system helps homes sell faster,” Caballero says.

Caballero’s HomesUSA.com, which charges a flat-fee versus a sales commission, in the last year, grew the number of builders he serves by 33 percent, from 42 builder brands served in 2015, to now serving 56 homebuilder brands, concentrated throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin metro areas.

From 2010 to 2016, Caballero’s total home sales volume will reach $5.7 billion. To put his 2016 new home sales numbers in perspective, Caballero sold an average of more than 65 homes per week, or more than one-and-a-half sales every business hour. Caballero officially has been the number one agent in the USA for the last five years, outranking all others in two categories, (1) number of real estate sales transactions, and (2) cumulative transaction (dollar) volume.

Caballero, who became a real estate agent at the age of 21 and was a homebuilder himself, developed his online platform in 2007. Caballero says his system is available to builders nationwide and can easily give multi-market builders a way to manage all their MLS listing activity and accuracy in all markets in real time. Builders interested can contact HomesUSA.com directly (800) 856-2132 x300 or email Caballero at ben@homesusa.com.

About Ben Caballero + HomesUSA.com

Ben Caballero is the #1 ranked real estate professional in the U.S. for 2016 in two categories: (1) number of real estate sales transactions and (2) cumulative transaction (dollar) volume, with 2491 home sales totaling $1.022 billion in volume. Between 2010 and 2015, he had 13,053 home sales totaling $4.316 billion in volume. Ben has been the #1 agent in the nation in these categories for the last 6 years and is the first and only agent in U.S. history ever to exceed the $1 billion mark for residential sales transaction volume in a single year. Caballero is an acclaimed innovator and technological pioneer within the real estate industry. His drive to leverage technology has allowed him to reach unprecedented, historic levels of sales, as he developed a proprietary SaaS platform, HomesUSA.com, to aid him in servicing his clients. His individual record-setting production is only possible due to the efficiencies it enables. Caballero received the 2014 Pinnacle Award for Real Estate Entrepreneurship, presented by Keller Williams Realty. He was named Most Innovative Real Estate Agent by Inman News in 2013 and a finalist in 2016. He is CEO and President of HomesUSA.com, Inc. and serves on the Board of Directors of the Greater Metro MLS, MetroTex Association of Realtors. A lifelong Realtor and former homebuilder, Caballero has been a real estate broker since age 21. Follow Ben on Twitter at @bcaballero and learn more about HomesUSA.com online.

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