Change-samelightbulbEnormous change is happening around us everyday. I am sure that you would all agree that this change is likely to accelerate in the second half of 2017 and beyond. I believe strongly in our WAVes of Change agenda. We are committed to the support of our clients who are going through transformation journeys to redefine their purpose and strategy. We passionately believe that people and company culture are the foundation of competitive differentiation, and that is the highest responsibility for the leadership of your company. But we also believe in outside perspective, and the learning that comes from understanding the best practices developed by other companies.

WAVes of Change

This program, now in its second year, puts clients at the center of our business strategy and operational consulting. The quarterly meetings are the tuning fork for dozens of MLSs and REALTOR® Association Boards of Directors. Many of our clients depend on WAVes of Change as a resource to stay current with the unprecedented evolution that is happening as MLSs, Associations, Brokers, Agents, Governments, and Consumers endeavor to improve property transactions. Indeed, change happens. Thankfully change is also the biggest driver of new opportunities. But it also simulates new challenges for today’s leaders.

Opportunity for Growth

WAV Group has been working with a number of enterprise clients around building an Expansion Playbook and audit to insure that growth companies are addressing the right markets with the correct message and tools for supporting their success. The effects have been impressive to behold, as clients have explored their road-maps to pave new roads of transformation both internally and externally.

Our industry is full of extraordinary leaders who are already hard at work accelerating change, revitalizing their business, and re-imagining how their companies can advance. Marilyn calls it “marching purposefully forward.” So many of our clients are the most admired in our industry, and we are humbled to play a role in their success.

Please join us on our next WAVes of Change by emailing Camilla to enroll. The next episode will have a special edition recapping Inman San Francisco and the CMLS Conference, discussing the efforts of disrupters who have grand plans to change the way real estate happens.