WAV Group Report 2024 – How Buyers Feel About Working With Agents


As the real estate industry undergoes transformative changes precipitated by numerous lawsuits, prospective homeowners are increasingly questioning the traditional practice of engaging a buyer’s agent. This report emphasizes the importance for agents to effectively communicate the value they bring to the table during the home purchase process.

Key Takeaways:

Clarity in Documentation: The study highlights a significant opportunity for agents to enhance buyer satisfaction by providing greater clarity around disclosures and paperwork. By actively guiding buyers through the intricate documentation required to purchase a home, agents can demystify a complex area that often leads to confusion among buyers.

Time Investment Transparency: One notable finding is the lack of clear understanding among buyers regarding the time and effort invested by their agents in supporting their home purchase endeavors. The report sheds light on the importance of agents articulating and showcasing the behind-the-scenes work they undertake to streamline the buying process and secure the best outcomes for their clients.

In a real estate landscape poised for change, the ability of agents to adapt and effectively communicate their value proposition becomes paramount. The report offers valuable insights for agents looking to navigate the evolving buyer-agent relationship successfully. In an environment where transparency and communication are key, agents who can address buyer concerns and showcase their expertise are positioned for success in the future real estate market.