Sales Division Review & Restructuring Services

Many companies operate with a sales team structure that was built in a different time with different market factors.  Times change quickly, as we all know, and the obstacles faced today by high tech sales teams are very different from what they were even five years ago.  We have proven success in restructuring sales organizations to do two things: (1) Reduce your sales costs, and (2) Increase your sales!   Our analysis uses through a multi-tier review process that can be customized for your organization and can include:

  • Personnel Assessment
  • Organizational Review
  • Territory Review
  • Distribution Strategy Review
  • Sales Management Tools and Processes
  • Presentation Skills Assessment
  • Comp Plan Review
  • Sales Strategy Review and Assessment

Comprehensive Plan Development

Even if you have a well structured sales division with good people, it will be a challenge to be completely successful if your comp plan is not aligned with your key corporate objectives.  We can help you re-tune an existing comp plan, or build one from scratch that is aligned with your company and product line.  A good comp plan makes the company and the sales team happy!

Sales Training & Development

Sales success in the real estate technology sector is not easy.  In addition to the obvious requirements, such as product knowledge and understanding, the decision process used by MLSs and real estate firm sales professionals needs to incorporate executive level communication skills and must have the ability to manage complex and lengthy sales cycles.  Our sales training and development is custom designed for your company and can include the following focus areas:

  • Individual and Team Sales Skill Training
  • Creating Effective Messaging in Your Sales Team and Company
  • Building Effective Sales Presentations
  • Giving Effective Sales Presentations
  • Developing and Executing Technology Sales Strategies
  • Using Technology to Effectively Manage the Sales Process
    • From the Manager’s Perspective
    • From the Sales Person’s Perspective