MLS System Conversion and Implementation

Selecting the MLS vendor is only one part of a successful technology solution. Managing the actual system conversion and installation has more impact on member satisfaction than the actual technology in many cases. Understanding exactly what the roles of the vendor, the MLS staff and the membership are and coordinating resources appropriately is not something many MLS staff have time or training to do effectively.

The process of launching a new product or service is very different from the ongoing management of products and services.  We have experience successfully installing hundreds of MLS systems. Our team understands the critical points at the MLS level that need to be addressed and managed to ensure that your system implementation proceeds as smoothly as possible.

WAV Group also understands what vendors need to do their job successfully. Providing this bridge ensures a smooth transition into new technology. WAV Group can help you plan and manage you conversion or implementation to insure the lowest possible disruption to your members.